Friday, September 24, 2010

New Poll, Layton's NDP Now Tied With Lizzy's Greens

The gun registry vote has not helped the opposition parties. A new Ipsos Reid poll taken during the long gun registry debate and vote shows Jack Layton's NDP now tied with Lizzy May's Greens. Not good!  Both are at 12%.   There were some in the media who said the Liberals were winners in this. Sure looks like it, they lost 2 pts.  The CPC are up 1 pt.


They might have taken a different strategy which probably wouldn't have hurt them but too late now.  That's what you get when you nudge your members to vote contrary to voters wishes.   Me thinks there are going to be some MPs that are going to lose their seats when the next election rolls around.  Bring it on!

The Coalition Is Alive and Well

If anyone has questioned whether or not the coalition is alive or not just consider what has been going on since parliament has resumed.  If they don't watch it, they're playing right into the Prime Minister's hands.   The PM and his Finance Minister has painted the opposition as the coalition.

 Wednesday the coalition got together and voted to keep the long gun registry even though some opposition members had previously supported the private members bill by CPC MP Candice Hoeppner to scrap it. (Six of Jack Layton's members voted with the government by the way the other night.)

Now the coalition of the losers are getting together to save the mandatory long form census.
Opposition parties banded together to save the long-gun registry, now they're trying to rescue the mandatory long-form census.
 The Liberals submitted details to the House of Commons on Thursday of a private member's bill that would specifically insert the mandatory long-form census into the Statistics Act.
The bill could see first reading in the Commons by Oct. 1, and the opposition hopes it can hurry it through second reading and on to committee hearings. The Bloc Quebecois and the NDP said Thursday they would support a bill to resurrect the mandatory long form.
  There is no doubt, the coalition of the losers is alive and well. This is just a beginning I believe.   Yes they will deny it.  They will say "There is no coalition."   But DON'T believe them. DON'T let them fool you.   Just look at the gun registry vote and how members from both the Liberal and NDP parties flip flopped at the last minute.  It  tells you a lot.  Why did those members all of a sudden change their minds after supporting scrapping the program? They  even campaigned on scrapping it?  What happened?  What were they promised or were they threatened? My spidey senses are telling me something.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but, I think something is a foot here.   

Don't believe what the Lame Stream Media will tell you either.  They will say "Oh there is no coalition at play here. That was over a long time ago. Michael Ignatieff denounced it shortly after he took over as leader of the Liberals and he was the last Liberal to sign the coalition document."  Bunk!  Don't forget the Liberal media had promoted the idea of the coalition when the losers tried to overthrow the government just weeks after the election in late 2008. Beware! Neither CAN be trusted

The coalition of the losers and their media don't care about you. They don't care about Canada.  All they care about is getting  big bad evil PM Harper and the Conservative government out and taking over. They are power hungry  and aching to get  at the public trough.  They will destroy our fragile economy with all their social programs like universal daycare  and will raise your taxes etc. ( They will cancel the corporate tax cuts that the Conservatives have put in place for example.) They will bring in Kyoto. They will destroy the country.

The coalition of the losers are progressives and progressivism is not good.  It's about taking your wealth, spreading it around and taking away your freedoms.   Don't let them!