Wednesday, November 10, 2010

National Post Today's Letters: Israel's Friend, Harper or Ignatieff?

Today's National Post letters are in response to David Frum's column  and this column in the National Post the other day on PM Harper's speech vs. Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's speech at the Combatting Anti-Semitism conference on Monday. 
The letters clearly are in support of PM Harper and against the Waffle's approach.
What’s a (once) leftie Jewish Canadian supposed to do? Voting for a Tory was the one thing my Zaida told me not to do. That was then and this is now. There are few friends of Israel of this stature with such willingness to shout for all to hear. Thank you Stephen Harper (and sorry, Zaida, but he turned out to be the good guy).
Janis Rosen, Toronto.

 I am not Jewish but my heart stands with the state of Israel as it continues to be maligned by so many people. The hatred of the Jews is not different from the hatred aimed at the Christians in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other areas of the world. We strongly applaud Mr Harper for his poise and balance and his strong sense of truth and justice. In contrast we hear confused statements from the Leader of the Opposition. As usual, the latter was aimlessly trying to gain political points at the expense of Israel. What a tragedy.
 George E. Tabet, Mississauga, Ont.
 After reading about Michael Ignatieff’s convoluted take on the issue of anti-Semitism, I was reminded of the notion that a Liberal is a person who won’t speak in favour of his own argument.
 Ronald Rea, Oakville, Ont.
I hope that Michael Ignatieff will never see the prime minister’s chair. He is playing dirty politics, hoping that his appeal to Muslim Canadians will bring him the leadership. I hope that Canadians show him the door.

Isaac Glick, Thornhill, Ont.  
Until this one from Anita Cruella Neville Liberal MP from Winnipeg:
David Frum’s column on Michael Ignatieff’s speech to the Ottawa Conference on Combating Anti-Semitism misrepresented both the substance and the authenticity of Mr. Ignatieff’s remarks. Mr. Frum’s contention that the Liberal leader was strangely ambivalent about Israel is not consistent with the text. Regarding the hateful comparison of Israel with apartheid South Africa, Mr. Ignatieff forcefully argued that to conflate the two is to delegitimize a democratic state. Regarding the Middle East, Mr. Ignatieff made it clear that a democratic state like Canada cannot be neutral between a democratic state and terrorist organizations. There is no honest broker.
 Readers of the Post deserve the full story. Printing Mr. Frum’s diatribe without the context of an excerpt from Ignatieff’s speech — as was provided for the Prime Minister’s remarks — allows for Mr. Ignatieff’s principled and unambiguous statements to be corrupted and maligned. The Liberal party stands firmly against both the old and new anti-Semitism. That’s the full story.
Anita Neville, MP for Winnipeg South Centre, Ottawa
So she calls her leader's statement principled?  News to me!  He was talking from both sides of his mouth.  The fact is Liberals would sell us out just for a seat on the Security Counsel in the corrupt UN.  PM Harper on the other hand has not sold his soul or his principles just to curry favor with those that those on the left tend to love. It's clear he is a staunch friend of Israel.
 Who would want a  seat on the Security Counsel when Iran and Saudi Arabia are going to be sitting on  a new panel for Women's rights and Libya sits on the UN Human Rights Council?.You gotta be kidding right? Believe it or not but.Liberals would sell Canada out for an organization like that.  The UN is no longer a credible organization and neither is the Liberal party of Canada or it's leader.

Meanwhile, PM Harper is still the most trustworthy federal leader.

Update: A great monologue from Charles Adler on the speeches and who is the real leader.  Listen here. Go Nov.10 @ approx. 2:05pm. He continues then after the news at the bottom of the hour.