Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is This Just Two Rogue MPs or Is This NDP Policy?

 NDP MPs, Alex Atamanenko from BC and  Quebec MP Alexandre Boulerice both support the humanitarian  flotilla  to Gaza.
The Canadian Boat to Gaza plans to join other countries as part of a 12-boat flotilla this month to bring aid and challenge Israel to stop its blockade of the destitute Palestinian territory.
Israeli marines attacked an international aid flotilla bound for Gaza last May and killed nine Turkish activists.
Atamanenko – MP for the BC southern interior – and Boulerice – Quebec MP for RosemontLa Petite Patrie – are both listed on the Canadian Boat to Gaza’s endorsement page.
Jack Layton claims he knew nothing about his Members.
Opposition leader Jack Layton said he was unaware the two MPs supported the effort, but party communication advisors were briefed before his scrum with reporters.
“We think that the unauthorized intentions run severe risks,” said Layton, who met with the Israeli ambassador Tuesday. “It’s not an initiative that is supported by the NDP. We want the blockade to end according to the call by the United Nations.”
Remember Libby Davies,almost exactly a year ago was in hot water for comments she made at an anit-Israel protest when she questioned the right for Israel to exist and believes in boycotts and sanctions against Israel.

Thankfully, Foreign Minister John Baird has come out against this humanitarian flotilla,
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has said those wishing to deliver humanitarian goods to the Gaza strip should do so through “established channels.”
And  so has Liberal leader Bob Rae,
“It’s not necessary in order to get humanitarian aid into Gaza,” said Rae. “If you’re interested in getting aid to Gaza, there is a very clear process to do that by going through the Red Cross and other international agencies."
If it already isn't ,the NDP Socialist Caucus,  wants to make ant-Israel policy,  the official party policy. at their conconvention this year. Take a close look at resolution No.10:

10. Justice for Palestinians, Boycott apartheid Israel

Whereas there can be no lasting peace in Palestine/Israel, or the surrounding region, without social justice;

Therefore Be it Resolved that the NDP actively campaign for the Right of Return for all refugees, an end to the Israeli settlements and Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands, a halt to the armed aggression, the bulldozing of homes, the destruction of olive groves and farms, the assassination of political leaders and activists by the Zionist state, and the removal of the apartheid wall, still under construction across the West Bank.

Therefore Be it Further Resolved that the NDP call for restoration of aid to the Palestine Authority, demand a halt to military aid, investment and economic trade with Israel until all the above demands are met, and that the NDP campaign for an end to the rule of apartheid laws that make Israeli Arabs and Palestinians second and third
class citizens under occupation.

This is certainly something we need to watch closely at the NDP convention this year.