Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You, Hoo, Alison, Where ARRR YOUUU!

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall was quick to respond to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair's comments he made on the weekend on CBC radio bashing the oilsands blaming them for the decline of manufacturing in Ontario and Quebec. 

Thank God for Brad Wall! He's the only good premier left in Canada.   He did a great job defending the oilsands again  yesterday on Ezra Levant's show.

Premier Wall responded but where's our dear Alberta Premier Alison Redford?  Why hasn't she spoken out about Mulcair's comments? Why isn't she standing up and defending our oil industry? Does she even care?

Does she agree with Mulcair? Or does she agree with Brad Wall? Albertans and Canadians need to know. 

The oilsands are the engine that is driving the Alberta and Canada's economy right now.  Just in Alberta alone the oil industry employs 551,066 people.    Many more jobs are created all over Canada as a result of the oilsands.   Without the oilsands Canada would be sunk.

Alison, crawl out from underneath your rock and do your job. Give us your response. Brad Wall seems to be the only premier who cares.  Shame on you RedAli!