Thursday, July 8, 2010

Iffy's Magical Bus Tour

Mr. Iffy is about to embark on his magical bus tour to change his image in hopes that it will boost his and his party's fortunes. 

Get ready for Iggy unplugged. The bus tour to beat all bus tours. Or what one of Michael Ignatieff’s strategists is calling – we’re not kidding – “the biggest summer undertaking of any opposition leader ever!”
Starting next week, the Opposition Leader, tanking in the polls, will climb aboard the Liberal Express (as it’s being called) for a summer-long national tour featuring seven or eight events a day: town halls, round tables, barbecues, interviews, picnics, carnivals – everything, in fact, except trampoline acts.
This should be good.   Can't wait for all the gaffes.  Seeing how the latest numbers for the Iffy Liberals are real bad,  I don't see that this getting down and dirty with us "the Canadian people" is going to help him much.  He's a flip flopper and a gaffe machine much like US VP Joe Biden.  It will provide us conservative bloggers a treasure trove of stuff to post about though.  I got a feeling that by time this magical bus tour is over, instead of riding inside the bus, Iffy will be thrown under the bus. At least the party brass will feel like it.

Meanwhile, here are some tips from Patricia Dawn Robertson, Globe and Mail.  that she has for laying out the welcome mat for the visiting professor.  Hey,how about laying out that welcome mat when Iffy's bus pulls into a community near you.  Cheers!