Thursday, September 30, 2010

Liberals Poaching An NDP Idea?

Is The Liberal party so bereft of any new  ideas that they seem to be poaching ideas from their coalition partners?  They are working on a plan for Homecare.
A major initiative in the works, according to insiders, is on health care – specifically, home care. The new plan would see new forms of financial assistance for family caregivers, people who have to take time from work to tend to aging parents or family members stricken by mental or physical illnesses.
This would be done for thousands of families through increased benefits, a major one being an expansion of the employment insurance system. There’s a compassionate care benefit in the existing EI, but Liberals say it’s too small and overly restrictive.
The party also wants more investment in institutionalized home care – professional caregivers going to homes – and will push for that in the coming renegotiation of the federal-provincial health accord. But this is a more dubious prospect. Their emphasis will be where the federal government has the most power to act – a concrete plan for family caregivers.
 This happens to be  an NDP idea in which Larry Martin fails to point out.
By 2026, the number of Canadian seniors will double to 8 million. Darrell tells me one in four Nova Scotians will be 65-plus by then.
These are folks who worked hard, paid their dues, and deserve dignity in their elder years.So we need to start building capacity in homecare and long term care — now.
We’re already falling behind. Some hospitals now devote a quarter of their acute beds to seniors waiting for better options.
Expanding quality, affordable long-term care will ease that pressure on hospitals, cut waitlists, and give seniors their dignity.
Investing in home care will do the same — and not only for seniors. It’ll reduce hospitalization, help people heal, and save the system money.
Home care today is a loose patchwork of programs resting on a foundation of unpaid care by overstretched loved ones.
Nova Scotia is making strides help seniors stay in their own homes & communities — but you shouldn’t have to go it alone.
Roy Romanow called home care the “next essential service.” We’re ready to make home care the first major expansion of public medicare in 40 years.
Is this poaching an idea? Is it a coincidence? Or is it more evidence of a coalition?  Both their ideas are eerily similar.   The coalition of the losers seem to be more in sink with each other than not these days IE-gun registry, census, etc. so who knows?

A few days ago I warned you that there would be denials.    Just as I thought. Yesterday Iffy denied it but Norm Spector did a good job remind us all of what he has said previously in his own words.  Today the Globe and Mail editorial is denying it  also saying it's just PM Harper's fantasy and there is no sign of coalition.
Political parties are entitled to agree with each other from time to time, without being accused of having formed a coalition. For several weeks, the federal Conservatives have been claiming that the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc Québécois are in a coalition. A particular convergence of opposition parties on this or that issue is no sign of any such alliance.
 What I also stated in my previous post was Don't believe them. because you can't trust either the opposition or the Lame Stream Media.  Is there a coalition or isn't there?  Maybe not openly at the moment but would they form one after the next election?  I think it's more likely than not.   They would stop at nothing to gain power. They are so power hungry they can taste it.   They are treacherous so  we need to watch them closely.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bring Out The Tissues, Chantel Pines for The Good Ole Days

Chantel Hebert is crying the blues, lamenting about how the country is becoming less Liberal and about who's going to be the savior of the Trudeau legacy.
In the decade since Pierre Trudeau passed away, Canada has become less Liberal in political appearance and in policy outlook.
Boo, hoo, hoo!  Chantel then goes on to infer that the institutions that Trudeau imposed on us  is going to going down hill like medicare,  multiculturalism, bilingualism, the Charter etc.  She's also lamenting there is no one in Quebec waiting in the wings to be Prime Minister.
There is a real possibility that the party that built Canada's social union in the sixties and seventies could have little representation of any kind at the table of the upcoming renegotiation of the federal-provincial fiscal arrangements that underpin Medicare.With a year to go to the next Ontario election, the winds of change are battering premier Dalton McGuinty's third-term government.
A solid majority of Quebecers would rather have Premier Jean Charest resign than undergo the second half of his third term. In British Columbia, the tide turned against Premier Gordon Campbell some time ago.
These days, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's practice of starting every news conference in French; his recent choice of a bilingual governor-general; the zeal with which his ambitious ministers are polishing up their bilingual skills in preparation for the day the Conservative leadership opens up are tokens of Trudeau's continuing impact on Canada's national life.
But beyond those public nods to Canada's linguistic duality, Trudeau's imprint on the national psyche is really fading.
The current federal government — including its prime minister — is genetically predisposed to be suspicious of the impact of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on the country.
The multiculturalism that Trudeau saw as part of the foundation of a civic form of Canadian nationalism is increasingly viewed as a fracture-inducing stress point.
A decade after his passing, no national party boasts a strong Quebec presence within its caucus.
Moreover there is little apparent interest among Trudeau's fellow francophones and not much appetite in the rest of the country for a new Quebec generation of so-called wise men/women to come to Parliament Hill — in the manner that Trudeau, Jean Marchand and Gérard Pelletier did in the mid-sixties.
If there is another prime minister from Quebec currently in the making, he or she is still very much a dark horse.
Chantel, Chantel, Chantel, I know you are pining for the good ole days but face it, the Trudeau experiment has failed.  Another thing, we don't want another PM from Quebec! We've had enough of that!
  Perhaps Chantel doesn't see that the public is starting to wake up to the fact that Liberalism (progressivism, socialism, marxism) doesn't work. 

People around the world are starting to wake up.  Look at Europe and the US in particular.  Progressives down there about to lose big time in the November midterm elections.  The Democrats are poised to lose control in the Congress for sure and very likely the Senate.  Real conservatives will be elected instead.  Voters have even rejected the progressive Republican establishment hence quite a few long time establishment GOP members lost in the primaries. That's why the tea parties are having such a big influence.

Voters are sick and tired of the big spending, the ever increasing size of government, and an increasing infringement of their civil liberties, individual freedoms and the nanny state.

Canadians don't want  Trudeau experiment 2.0!  

Monday, September 27, 2010

Government Should Leave Us Alone

Do you find like I do no matter what level of government that no matter what the issue, they seem to be trying to want to run every part of our lives?  Monte Solberg makes a very good case why government should just leave us alone.
In government, too often inefficient and ineffective programs just get bigger and more intrusive. Why wouldn’t they? Careers and salaries don’t hinge on programs being successful or efficient. Sometimes there are almost no systems in place to indicate whether a program is working.Let’s face it, the government just isn’t very good at doing many, if not most, things. As P.J. O’Rourke once famously said, giving the government more money is like giving 16-year-old boys whiskey and car keys.
Exactly!  Government can't do anything very effectively at all.  Too much bureaucracy, red tape etc.  Government no matter what level couldn't organize a two car funeral efficiently if you let them.

Programs always run over budget, you get fifty different bureaucrats working on the same file at the same time that each one doesn't know what the other is doing. So much redundancy.  They want information from us they actually don't need and when you contact them, they keep giving you the run around.

They try and tell you how to conduct your life. Parents don't need to told how to raise their children. We don't need to be told what we should eat, or to get in the shade, put on our sun screen and drink plenty of fluid when it's hot out.   Stuff like that is just common sense.  We don't need government to tell us what to do.  Government doesn't trust you to do what is best for you and your family or your business. They treat you and I like we're stupid!  We are not children!

Who pays for all that nonsense?  You got it!  We do, the taxpayer!  It's time we came against our governments who impose all this control on us.  We have to restore common sense at all levels of government again.  It's up to us.  We have allowed them to get away with this kind of business for far too long.

Government, at all levels, LEAVE US ALONE!  Take off the shackles and encourage personal responsibility.  Allow private business to do what business knows best,  to conduct business. Free private individuals to create and innovate and they in turn are betters abled to  freely contribute to society, to help those that  need the help.   A freer people, will translate into a free, happy and prosperous nation.   

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Poll, Layton's NDP Now Tied With Lizzy's Greens

The gun registry vote has not helped the opposition parties. A new Ipsos Reid poll taken during the long gun registry debate and vote shows Jack Layton's NDP now tied with Lizzy May's Greens. Not good!  Both are at 12%.   There were some in the media who said the Liberals were winners in this. Sure looks like it, they lost 2 pts.  The CPC are up 1 pt.


They might have taken a different strategy which probably wouldn't have hurt them but too late now.  That's what you get when you nudge your members to vote contrary to voters wishes.   Me thinks there are going to be some MPs that are going to lose their seats when the next election rolls around.  Bring it on!

The Coalition Is Alive and Well

If anyone has questioned whether or not the coalition is alive or not just consider what has been going on since parliament has resumed.  If they don't watch it, they're playing right into the Prime Minister's hands.   The PM and his Finance Minister has painted the opposition as the coalition.

 Wednesday the coalition got together and voted to keep the long gun registry even though some opposition members had previously supported the private members bill by CPC MP Candice Hoeppner to scrap it. (Six of Jack Layton's members voted with the government by the way the other night.)

Now the coalition of the losers are getting together to save the mandatory long form census.
Opposition parties banded together to save the long-gun registry, now they're trying to rescue the mandatory long-form census.
 The Liberals submitted details to the House of Commons on Thursday of a private member's bill that would specifically insert the mandatory long-form census into the Statistics Act.
The bill could see first reading in the Commons by Oct. 1, and the opposition hopes it can hurry it through second reading and on to committee hearings. The Bloc Quebecois and the NDP said Thursday they would support a bill to resurrect the mandatory long form.
  There is no doubt, the coalition of the losers is alive and well. This is just a beginning I believe.   Yes they will deny it.  They will say "There is no coalition."   But DON'T believe them. DON'T let them fool you.   Just look at the gun registry vote and how members from both the Liberal and NDP parties flip flopped at the last minute.  It  tells you a lot.  Why did those members all of a sudden change their minds after supporting scrapping the program? They  even campaigned on scrapping it?  What happened?  What were they promised or were they threatened? My spidey senses are telling me something.  Call me a conspiracy theorist but, I think something is a foot here.   

Don't believe what the Lame Stream Media will tell you either.  They will say "Oh there is no coalition at play here. That was over a long time ago. Michael Ignatieff denounced it shortly after he took over as leader of the Liberals and he was the last Liberal to sign the coalition document."  Bunk!  Don't forget the Liberal media had promoted the idea of the coalition when the losers tried to overthrow the government just weeks after the election in late 2008. Beware! Neither CAN be trusted

The coalition of the losers and their media don't care about you. They don't care about Canada.  All they care about is getting  big bad evil PM Harper and the Conservative government out and taking over. They are power hungry  and aching to get  at the public trough.  They will destroy our fragile economy with all their social programs like universal daycare  and will raise your taxes etc. ( They will cancel the corporate tax cuts that the Conservatives have put in place for example.) They will bring in Kyoto. They will destroy the country.

The coalition of the losers are progressives and progressivism is not good.  It's about taking your wealth, spreading it around and taking away your freedoms.   Don't let them!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Elite Media At It Again

You know what the elite media have been up to now?  Yup, trashing our Alberta oil sands. Yesterday's Toronto Star editorial bad mouths the Alberta government's attempt at selling the oilsands to eastern Canada. They say it's a "charm offense that will not work."
When a delegation of Alberta cabinet ministers comes to town calling for a “constructive conversation” about the oil sands, they deserve a hearing. Anti-Alberta boycotts are gathering steam, and the province is responding with public relations campaign of its own.
But a charm offensive is not going to change the channel. It’s not enough to say the world should stop tarring Alberta’s oil sands merely because the province claims it has gone green, as Environment Minister Rob Renner told his Toronto audiences this week.
“There is no doubt we must transition to a cleaner energy future that will see our reliance on carbon-based fuels diminish,” Renner said soothingly. The trouble with Renner’s story is that it sounds like a tall tale. He boasts of the “incredible environmental improvements that the oil sands industry has made,” but sloughs off the burden of surging greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution.
Alberta’s pitch is that billions of dollars will flow down the pipeline to Ontario manufacturers that supply the oil sands sector. Now Energy Minister Ron Liepert wants Ontario workers to shout down environmentalists who want to shut down the oil sands with this snappy retort: “You’re attacking my livelihood.”
If that’s the adult conversation Alberta claims to want, it sounds more like a hard sell, with a hint of economic blackmail (back the oil sands, or it will cost you jobs). The trouble with Alberta’s pitch to Ontario’s economic self-interest is that it ignores the heavy burden imposed on manufacturers by a higher Canadian petro-dollar, which is already pricing our exports out of foreign markets.
The oil sands are being developed at a breakneck pace, without a workable strategy for curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Alberta is relying too heavily on a $25-million public relations war chest, and the panacea of unproven carbon capture technology, to greenwash its tar sands troubles.

The gall of the Toronto media.  Have any of them actually ever been out here to see the oil sands?  I bet not.  They don't have a clue what they're talking about.  It's just the left wing elite talking points. 

 They're blaming jobs lost in the manufacturing sector on us.  It's all our fault, the Alberta oil sands and like we are controlling the price of oil.  Common now, we don't control the price of oil.  It's set by OPEC.   Oh,yeah and of course our oil sands are dirty.  Not so.  In fact our oil sands are cleaner than those old coal fired power plants in Ontario.  The oil and gas industry is spending countless  dollars towards developing new technology to extract the oil and gas in a more efficient and cleaner way.  They believe strongly in leaving the environment cleaner than when they started.

To the Toronto Star editorial board and reporters, come out and have a look at the oil sands, you just may be surprised.  Will you change your attitude?  Probably not but come anyway and see for your self before commenting on something you know very little about.  By the way you might consider doing proper research before commenting  on ANY story for that matter.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Liberal Globe and Mail In Favor of Scrapping the Long Gun Registry

Who would have known.  One of the Liberal cheerleader papers comes out IN FAVOR of killing the long gun registry.  They even go as far as exposing the cost of the registry that supporters of the long gun registry say.  Supporters say it costs just $4 million a year, not so.  The Globe and Mail reports the real cost and they admit it hasn't saved any lives either.
Proponents of the federal gun registry claim the annual cost is just $4-million, which sounds suspiciously like the $2-million cost promised when the registry was born 15 years ago.

It’s not so. The source of this estimate of $4-million appears to be a badly written line in the RCMP’s 2010 evaluation of the Canadian Firearms Program: “ . . . the gun registration portion of the CFP has been determined, by independent sources, in terms of cost savings to the CFP, at a range of $1.195-$3.65 million for the initial year, and subsequent years will range from $1.57-$4.03 million. . ..” (Emphasis added.) The key phrase is cost savings. The RCMP, which took lead responsibility for the program in 2006, claims it is doing so more efficiently than its predecessors. Elsewhere in the report the RCMP puts the annual net cost of the Canadian Firearms Program for 2010-11 at $66.4-million.

Is it vital to public safety? The registry did not stop James Roszko of Alberta from killing four Mounties in 2005, with his arsenal of three unregistered guns and one registered (but not to him) gun. It did not stop Kimveer Gill of Montreal from his deadly rampage at Dawson College in 2006. It did not stop Fred Preston, 70, from killing an Ontario Provincial Police officer, Vu Pham, in March, with a registered weapon. And it does not stop drug gangs in urban Canada from obtaining and using their weapons of choice – the vast majority not registered.
So there you have it. A little late but none the less the Liberal Globe and Mail wants to it gone along with the majority of Canadians.  Makes you wonder why all this whipping going on by Iffy and Jackie.  Those opposition MPs who have betrayed their constituents will pay at the polls come next election.

Could it be a prelude to a coalition of the losers like Lowell Green is speculating this morning on his program?  Is this a warm up?  It remains to be seen but I kinda think so.  The coalition never really died. It's always been there but under the radar.  I think the PM and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty are right.  It will either be a Conservative majority or coalition of the losers that we'll have to choose next election.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Elites vs the Indivdual

 If you have noticed, tensions have been rising all over the world between elites and the individual lately.  Take a look at Europe, the US with the Tea Party movement and even here in Canada. The population is getting sick and tired of old style politics and old style of governing where government knows best.  The people want take take their power back!

People all over are starting to rise up against big spending, high taxes,debt and defict and government running every aspect of our lives. In the US, tea party candidates are getting elected all over the States. Americans are fed up of the big government elites in both parties, the Republicans and Democrats.

Tea party like movements are starting up in Ontario and Quebec.

Even in the liberal bastion of Toronto it seems the Torontonians are waking up to the government knows best thing.  The citizens there are about to elect a candidate for mayor who believes in reducing government waste and spending. He leads his closest Liberal opponent by 24 points in the polls. It's Rob Fords election to lose.

British Columbians are rising up against the HST.

In Alberta the new Wildrose Alliance Party is force to be reckoned with, a home where disaffected conservatives are finding against the old tired PCs who have grown government and spend like drunken sailors.

You have the elites in the media  and others desperately fighting to prevent a new cable news network that will speak for the individual from going on air. The elites are trying to censor other voices that actually speak for us the regular people.  SunTV will address those issues that are most important to the regular Canadian population.

Federally, the latest is the elite opposition and media vs the more populist Conservatives   about ending the Long Gun Registry.  The Conservatives are attempting to scrap the costly, intrusive program and the opposition want to keep it. Previously the Conservatives had support of 8 rural Liberal MPs and 12 rural NDP MPs.  Now those MPs have flip flopped and going to toe their elite leader's line.   The elites are once again going against what the population wants.  Recent polls including the latest Angus Reid poll has indicated a majority of Canadians want the program scrapped. 

Tasha  Kheiriddin eloquently explains what elite really means.
But being an "elite" isn't about money; it's about mindset. It is about one's vision of the relationship between the citizen and the state: Should most decisions be made by a small, centralized group of those who "know best," or by the individual?

Tasha gives a idea about what the ballot box question will most likely be  in the next election.  Elites vs anti-elites.
So in the next national election, while the Tories' ballot question may be the economy, their narrative is likely to be that of the anti-elite party. Their opponents may have accused them of being "anti-knowledge" in the wake of the census debate, but Mr. Baird's comments turned that storyline on its head. The Tories aren't against smarts (Mr. Harper has plenty of those), they're against smugness.    Zing!
 So here you have disconnect between the elites in the Liberals, NDPs and others on the left and regular individuals.  Conservatives are more in tune with regular individuals and are more willing to give us our power back.   The push back from the elites is viscous and ugly and will get uglier. They are losing their influence and they know it.  People are not buying what the elites are selling anymore.  The people are waking up. If Torontonians in uber lefty Toronto are waking up, there is hope for the rest of the country.

We must refrain the temptation to react to the elite's anger and hate with hate and anger of our own.   We must not play their games. It will just play into their hands.  They will call us the usual names, "hate mongers, knuckle draggers, racists etc."  The best way to fight back is with facts and truth.  Facts and truth always wins out in the end.  Keep speaking out folks.  Make your voices known.  We are taking our country, our provinces, our cities and municipalities back!   If you have an election any where near you in the next little while, go out and vote.  Have your say!  Send the elites a message! 
Power to the people! 

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Liberals to Keep Iffy Out of the HOC

Wow, I guess the Liberal party mustn't have much confidence in their leader. The summer tour must not have turned out as we all were led to believe from the Liberal media and else where.  They're going to keep Iffy Waffle out of the House of Commons this up and coming session that's  about to start on Monday, Sept 20.  Ralph Goodale and Bob Rae will probably be taking the reins and lead the party asking the PM question in the HOC during Question Period.

Is that such a wise move?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  When Iffy is in the HOC asking the PM questions, PM Harper always out performs the Waffle. The Waffle always looks uncomfortable and would sooner be somewhere else. Liberal numbers go down.  So from that front maybe it's a good idea from the Liberal viewpoint.

On the other hand, if you put Bob Rae, the one who desperately wants the leader's job, front and center, may not be so wise where Iffy is concerned.  Rae will get the media attention in the House, all the little 15 sec. video clips. Media attention in scrums.  If you're Iffy, do you want to give your best friend Bob the attention?  You might want to think twice but then again maybe that's what the party wants.  Bob Rae as the defacto leader and then pretty soon real leader.   BTW. Liberals, PM Harper will chew Bob and Ralphy to pieces and spit them out too.

Here I thought the Summer Liberal Tour de Farce was  a success. It was not only to connect with the little people but to also build confidence in the leader.  Obviously it mustn't have done either.   The polls are not much better than before. Iffy's leadership numbers are still the lowest of any of the leaders and now they're aiming to keep their dear leader as far away from the HOC as possible.

If you can't take the ruff and tumble of the HOC, you have no business vying for the big chair because that's what a PM has to do.   The ruff and tumble and all  the shenanigans that go on in the HOC is a part of the job.  It just shows the Liberals and their leader as chickens. Either way, with Iffy in or out of the HOC, PM Harper will have the upper hand.  He and his party will keep reminding the  members and the public each and every time the Liberal leader is absent.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dave Rutherford Hits Another One Out of the Ballpark

Dave Rutherford has been on a tear on his radio show the last couple of days. Yesterday he ripped to shreds the National Lame Stream Media saying there was an all out campaign to invoke fear of the Harper Conservatives. I sense he's right!

Today he ripped apart a representative of Avaaz, an activist organization funded by far left billionaire George Soros whose sole purpose is to destroy all things conservative.   He thoroughly quizzed her on a petition they had started to stop the Sun TV from being approved by the CRTC and she got creamed by Dave.  Another must listen that's for sure. I know you'll all enjoy it. You can listen to it here in Audio Vault, Sept 16 @Approx. 10:35am.

We all know the far left is deathly afraid of another voice in the media. That's why all the hateful vitriol.  They are attempting to shut down free speech.  I don't think their attempt to stop Sun TV is going to work even though they forced Kory Teneycke  out of his position of vice-president of development  of Sun TV yesterday.  They may have this battle but they haven't won the war. Sun TV will go ahead and no doubt I'm sure we will see Kory in some other capacity sooner or later. 

Go have listen to Dave's interview, you'll be glad you did.  I hope he get's a show on the new news channel.

Who Does the CBC Think They Are?

CBC, a crown corporation that the taxpayer funds to upwards of over $1 billion a year  even though their ratings keep going down, doesn't want to be accountable.  You got that right. They are fighting a court battle with the Information Commissioner not to be subject to the Access to Information Act like other institutions.
This week, CBC/Radio-Canada lawyers went to court in Montreal to plead that their Crown corporation not be subject to the Access to Information Act (AIA) like all other federal institutions.
The CBC has been bound by the AIA since 2007. However, it systematically applies a legal provision to reject requests for information arguing that these jeopardize its journalistic, creative or programming activities.
The Office of the Information Commissioner challenges this interpretation and wants to see the documents requested before judging if the loophole applies. The CBC refuses.
What this means is taxpayers are paying lawyers of both sides as the case goes before a judge.
Yes, we are footing the bill for both sides. Figure that one out!

The CBC always insists the government be held accountable, demanding documents and information but when the shoe is on the other foot it's a different story. Do as I say and not as I do!

Maybe this could be one of the reasons as to why they are refusing to release any information.
A good example of the usefulness of the AIA was revealed in Quebec a few months ago. Just after the CBC was made subject to the AIA, a sovereigntist activist, Patrick Bourgeois, requested a copy of the secret agreement between Radio-Canada and La Presse (a Montreal daily).
He obtained a copy of the secret deal signed in January 2000. Article 19 of the agreement specifically mentions “the parties (Radio-Canada and La Presse) vow not to reveal the content of this agreement.”
There is good reason why they don’t want us to know: Our taxes are funding a public broadcaster that signs backroom deals with a private company that already owns 70% of the printed papers in Quebec.
The deal goes on and on about the “cross-promotion,” “synergies” and “co-operation” between the two companies.
If any other public utility or department secretly signed a deal to promote the private interests of a private company, there would be a huge public outrage
So signing backroom deals with with private companies. Hmmm.........!  What other backrooms deals have Mothercorp signed on to that they don't want us to know about?  Have they signed backroom deals with the Liberal party for instance?   They sure do spew the Liberal party talking points to demonize the PM and the Conservatives everyday so one wonders. They don't like to give the Conservative point of view that's for sure. What about colluding with special interest groups? We need to know.

How are they spending  all that money that we are forced to give them?  We have a right to know that little tidbit of information.

It's obvious with their rigorous challenge to fight this they have something to hide. They're an elitist media and think they're above the law.  I hope the judge rules against them. It might bring them down a notch or two. 

They are a crown corporation publicly funded.  They should be held to account. They should live up to the standards they demand of the government.  Be subject to the Access to Information Act and release the information that has been requested!

Also, why is Sun Media the only ones covering this story? 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dave Rutherford on Fire Today, Tears Lame Stream Media Apart

  You have to go listen to Dave Rutherford this morning in Audio Vault.  The fire is in the belly today that's for sure. He does a very good job tearing apart the Central Lame Stream Media.  He feels there certainly is a campaign on to invoke fear of PM Harper and the Conservatives.  He points out all the distortions of the media.  He starts out in his first segment talking about this weird phony bizarre story the CBC put out last night.
Later on in the show he rants on about how the Lame Stream media is trying distort to scare voters on various issues.  He goes after Jeffery Simpson, James Traversty and Susan Delacourt etc.   You can listen here starting with the first segment @ approx. 9:06am then go on to the later segment @ approx. 10:35am.  Enjoy, you'll be glad you did.   It's a must listen.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Beer and Popcorn 2.0

Liberals thought they had us fooled. They thought they had hoodwinked us but now it's been exposed.  The mask is off! Liberals are just as elitist as ever. The  Liberal tour de farce this summer was, well a farce. On yesterday's QP on CTV, it was exposed.  Liberal spokesman, Ian Davey former chief of staff of the Liberal leader had a "beer and popcorn" moment.  In an idiotic statement he said that readers of Sun papers are illiterate.
Asked Sunday during CTV’s Question Period about Bob Rae’s potential support of federal bucks for a possible NHL arena in Quebec City, the lesser Davey sloughed off the question with this high-brow insult.
“It was once said about the Toronto Sun that it’s a newspaper for people who can’t read,” he said. “And I think that probably applies to the whole chain.”
How arrogant and elitist! That sure will help the Liberal cause.  The Leader Iggo Waffle once said that  politics is just acting.  So I guess the Liberal bus tour was all about. Iggo Waffle was play acting, the plaid shirts, drinking beer with the locals and all. Pretending to be a regular Joe Sixpack, one of us uneducated, illiterate, redneck, backwoods hick little people.  What a joke!
 It is nigh impossible to believe, however, that Ignatieff himself doesn’t think the same way, since it was Davey who travelled to Cambridge in 2004 to convince Professor Ignatieff — BA, MA, PhD, BFD — to come down from his lectern and return to Canada after a three-decade absence to pursue the ghost, and assume the high forehead, of Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
They are minds that think alike.
We stated here at the outset that the Liberal leader’s summer road show, the so-called Liberal Express, was nothing but a circus act trying to sell the illusion that Ignatieff was no different than the average Canadian working stiff.
And Ian Davey, Liberal spokesman, and former chief-of-staff to Ignatieff, has now confirmed the ruse.
All this will accomplish  is to turn voters off and drive more of an audience to Sun Media.  Liberals have always been elitist, and always will be.  They think they are better than we, entitled to their entitlements and believe they have a God given right to govern.  Nothing else is acceptable to them.  Their  cheerleaders in the Lame Stream media believe the same.  That's why the viscous vitriol and opposition to the new SunTv channel and the Conservative government.  No one else in the country should have a voice!   No more, we're mad as hell and not going to take anymore!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Tom Clark Left CTV

A week ago it was announced that Tom Clark, host of Power Play left the network.  Many were speculating about the reason why. This just may be it.
Tom Clark left CTV’s Power Play after the broadcaster cancelled plans to offer him an anchoring position on the national news, Howard Bernstein, a former television producer who has worked for most of the major English networks in Canada, wrote on his blog Wednesday.
“I understand that Tom was upset that he didn’t get Lloyd Robertson’s job. After more than three decades of hard work, it had to have come as a severe blow to see someone else get the job he had coveted and felt he had worked so hard for,” Bernstein, a broadcasting industry insider, wrote on his blog, Medium Close Up.
From Bernstein's blog:
I don’t know why Lisa Laflamme got the job. I do know that CTV’s original plans were for Lisa and Tom to co-host the news. Where that went awry I don’t know. I have heard some people speculate that with Katy Couric and Diane Sawyer taking over U.S. newscasts, CTV decided to make a splash by hiring a woman. I have also heard speculation that some considered Lisa’s age (she’s much younger than Tom) the deciding factor. I think Lisa was a great choice. I believe it is unfair to bring gender into the discussion. Lisa did everything the network asked and more. She is a fine journalist and a credit to CTV News. Would Tom have done just as well? We’ll never know. I do know that Tom would have worked just as hard and been a credit to the job. Would audiences have responded to Tom as they seem to be responding to Lisa? I’d like to think so.
It looks like this might be a case of affirmative action. Seems that Tom was ticked that Laflamme got the coveted anchor's job instead of him.  Did he not want to co-anchor with Laflamme? Did he leave on his accord or was he canned?  Who knows?  In my opinion the ratings are going to tank with Laflamme in that anchor chair.

It's not that I'll miss him, he was overly partisan anyway.  I'm just curious that's all.  Maybe it's about time some other Liberal shills on that network left too, like Craig Oliver. It's about time he retired anyway.   Bob Fife, Hanoi Giggles Jane Taber would be better for CTV too if they left.  Maybe they could move Giggles over to ETalk, she's more of a gossiper  anyway.  It would be a better fit for her over there. 

Who will be the permanent host for Power Play?  I don't know, but I bet whoever it is, they will be another Liberal shill.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poor Justin Trudeau

So communism doesn't work. Looks like little Justin is sad today because of this news  Don't think hes' taking it well.
FORMER Cuban president Fidel Castro said the "Cuban model" of communism no longer works, an apparent admission that the economic policy that underpinned the country's revolution more than 50 years ago had failed.
It's well known the Trudeau and his boys  have been admired and have been good friends of Fidel Castro and Cuba for years.  Justin's dad,  took his Viva Cuba tour in 1976 and then when his dad died, Fidel who rarely goes out of his country came to Canada to attend the funeral. of his best bud.

To hear Fidel make that startling confession must be crushing for Justin.  All their social programs haven't worked?  Please say it isn't so.   Justin's dad was trying to turn Canada into a Cuban socialist utopia with the countless social programs and the horrible NEP, that was a nothing but wealth distribution program that still haunts us in the western Canada today.
Justin was hoping to continue with his dad's work now this.  If it hasn't worked for Cuba, how can it possibly work for Canada?  Maybe that's why he's having second thoughts about his political career.
Ya think?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Censorship Against SunTV

The vociferous — and at times unhinged — attacks by critics on the proposed new Sun TV News channel, or "Fox News North" as its detractors like to call it, are really about censorship.
He goes on to say that the critics of this new channel who say that it SunTV will just spew hate-filled propaganda have vitriol themselves.
Critics say the channel will spew "American-style" right-wing hatred, citing as an example — who else? — Fox News and its brand of "propaganda" that has "poisoned" U.S. politics.
Well, I don’t recall U.S. politics, or TV coverage of many bitterly partisan struggles, being all that genteel prior to Fox’s arrival. And though there’s no question that U.S. cable TV news and commentary today can be harder-edged than what is the norm here in Canada, to label Fox News as the sole source of overheated political commentary is ridiculous.
Why? Because there’s certainly no lack of excessive vitriol on the left in America. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, anyone?
(Or in Canada, for that matter. Heather Mallick, anyone?)
Kory Teneycke pointed out that an American special interest group funded by socialist billionaire George Soros has circulated a petition against the  all news channel was signed by Margaret Attwood and other bogus signatures.Want to know what Soros is all about?
Glenn Beck has a good take on who George Soros is, the one who's funding this campaign.  He is one scary dude.
Free speech?  I think not.  It seems the lefties don't want any  another voices but them. They believe in free speech as long as it agrees with them. They don't want facts and truth to get out there.  They don't want the public thinking for themselves.  They are afraid SunTV will be successful and they will lose their influence on the way you think. 

That is why we need SunTV more than ever!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cracking Down on Bogus Asylum Seekers

With reports of another Tamil migrant ship on it's way, the federal government is looking for ways to target  human trafficking. and other measures to block future mass arrivals of smuggled would be refugees.
The Conservative government is working on legislation and program changes that target human smuggling following last month's arrival of the MV Sun Sea off the B.C. coast.
 Prime Minister Stephen Harper has told Public Safety Minister Vic Toews and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson to deal with what the government is calling "mass arrivals" of smuggled would-be refugees.
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney traveled to Paris on the weekend to discuss bogus asylum seekers and human trafficking with his counterparts over  in Europe.
Canada is turning to Europe for partners in a widening fight against human trafficking and bogus asylum seekers.
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney met over the weekend in Paris with counterparts from European nations that are also choice destinations, leaving with commitments to projects that could include a joint campaign to persuade unqualified migrants that they aren’t welcome. It was the first stop on a tour that includes talks with officials in India, China and the Philippines on ways to combat immigration fraud.
Ezra Levant has an idea. Encourage those bogus asylum seekers to go  to a peaceful country in Asia that has the UN seal of approval.
Great news: There is a country in Asia willing to take Sri Lankan Tamil refugees by the thousand — with the United Nations’ seal of approval.
And they’re already doing it. In the first six months of 2010, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees says the generous country accepted 1,857 Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka, who had been staying temporarily in India.
UN refugee spokesman Michael Zwack says these Tamils are now “rebuilding their lives.” The UN quoted one Tamil refugee, a 39-year-old woman, who said she was pleased with her new home for a pretty good reason: “Peace.”
So where is this wonderful place that Sri Lankan refugees are going to by the thousand?
Sri Lanka.
That’s right. Thousands of Tamil refugees are returning to Sri Lanka — because it’s safe. Within Sri Lanka itself, internal refugee camps for displaced Tamils are winding down, as Tamils go back home
Meanwhile, you have those bleeding hearts out there who seem to think that the Harper government wanting to crack down on this crime is just a about the politics of fear.
The second boat of Tamil migrants couldn’t have chosen a worse time to arrive.
We were we told that these people were aliens jumping the queue and feeding off our tax system, that the Tamil Tigers are establishing a government in exile and sending more boats.
As the boat came closer, our collective intelligence was increasingly insulted. We were hysterically warned of terrorists on board. Rejecting the concept of innocence until proven guilty, the Conservatives still continue to spread these unsubstantiated allegations.
Not only does this slander those involved, it undermines the trust the public places in their government. The danger in throwing around terrorism allegations is that it opens the door to a boy-cried-wolf situation.
Harper’s efforts have largely been successful. With weak media seeking the latest sensationalized story, the Conservatives have gained support from tough-on-crime voters and the pesky Afghan torture scandal is far off the radar.
Terrorism means using fear to coerce. It seems this is exactly Harper and Sarkozy’s approach to public debate.
The Tamil migrants deserve the fair process afforded to all claiming refugee status. The Roma in France deserve concrete moves to help them assimilate into society. The Canadian and French electorates deserve governments that don’t steep to scapegoating when faced with tough questions.
While the Tamil migrant situation is less elaborate than the French expulsion of Roma people, it sets a shared and dangerous precedent. Using xenophobia as a political tool is dangerous, cowardly, and undermines democracy. I trust Canadians will be smart and courageous enough to see past the fear-mongering and focus on getting answers to our real questions.
Go figure!  I think it's about time something was done.  The sooner the better.  Canada has been way too  soft on immigration and refugees for far too long.  Let's just hope the opposition parties support this, although I'm not holding my breath.

Friday, September 3, 2010

So Who's Keeping Secrets?

Taxpayer funded Mothercorp, CBC is always hammering PM Harper and his government for keeping secrets and not being open and transparent in not releasing certain documents,Afghan detainee documents for example. They accuse the government of hiding something and demand documents to be released.
Well, Mothercorp just may be the ones with something to hide.  There have been numerous requests to Access to Information for information regarding the CBC and they refuse.
 OTTAWA - CBC may demand accountability from the government but Canada’s taxpayer-funded broadcaster is going to court once again in order to keep its own affairs secret.
The CBC will square off against the information commissioner, an independent officer of Parliament, in a Montreal courtroom on Sept. 13. After hearing from a number of sources, including Sun Media, about problems with CBC’s response to access to information requests, the commissioner subpoenaed a number of files. The CBC refused.
It’s not the first run in between the state broadcaster and the Access to Information Act. The CBC became subject to the act in 2007, since then close to 900 complaints have been filed. While some of those cases were resolved and a small number were found to be without merit, as of June the information commissioner had 498 active complaints against CBC.

Just who do they think they are?  Why are they fighting from having information released even after being subpoenaed by the information commissioner ?  They have been subject to the Access to Information Act for the last three years now. What are they afraid of?  Are they keeping secrets they don't want the taxpayers who's funding them to know?   Another case of hypocrisy?  Pot calling kettle black?  

How about if we hold back funding until they comply?  Or just not fund them at all  anymore?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tory Majority? Or Coalition of the Losers?

We will have a choice next election whenever that may be.  We will have to choose between a Conservative majority government or a Coalition of the Losers.  That is what PM Harper is going to present to us.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is adopting a strategy to gradually persuade voters they have a "stark choice" in the next campaign: a "stable" majority Conservative government, or a "coalition" government of Liberals, New Democrats and Quebec separatists.
According to Tom Flanagan it could be a gamble though because you don't know whether it will work.
"Any time you change strategies it's a gamble because you don't know if it will work," said Flanagan.
"He has had success ... saying he'd be happy to accept whatever the voters give him. So the gamble is that, after four years of being in power, Canadians would be more open to considering a majority government. It's kind of like you've been on probation for four years."
At the same time, it appears the Conservatives believe they are on strong footing as they try to persuade Canadians a vote for the Liberals is actually a vote for a coalition.
They remember how support for Harper's Tories spiked to unprecedented levels in December 2008 when the Liberals and NDP attempted to form a coalition government with the parliamentary support of the Bloc Québécois.
"You've got to persuade people that you can't take the Liberals at face value," said Flanagan. "There's a big payoff there. Of course, if you're going to do that, it's smart to start early
Nelson Wiseman from Uof T believes a majority for PM Harper is quite possible and  within his grasp.
 Nelson Wiseman, associate professor of political science at the University of Toronto, said Tuesday that he thinks a majority is within Harper's grasp.
"They know that their best card is playing the coalition. The strategy is to trap the other parties on that hook. You don't have to convince the whole electorate. What you have to do is swing over maybe one out of 20 voters."
I personally am looking for  a Conservative majority and believer it is possible.  We as conservatives though cannot take for granted that we would get one, we need to work hard.  We need to convince all those who are sitting on the fence.  Forget the  hardcore liberals, it would be like beating your head against a brick wall and a waste of time.  We'll never win them over.

There are tough decisions that are going to have to be made on deficit reduction, immigration and security.  A Conservative majority government is the most competent and would be more stable and able to make those tough decisions  much better than a minority or a coalition of the losers.  

Don't believe what the Waffle or Jack Layton will tell you. Before and during the election they are going to tell you that there will be no coalition. Don't let them fool you. I believe the coalition of the losers has never really died. It will raise it's ugly head again if  the Conservatives don't get a majority.  Don't forget also, the Waffle signed his name on that coalition document. There's no way he can get around that. 

They are going to have to be transparent and admit from the get go whether or not they will be willing to form a coalition and not try and sneak it up on us like they did before in 2008.  If they are willing  to form a coalition after an election then they should campaign as a coalition during the campaign.  The only way to prevent the losers from taking power is to elect a Conservative majority government. 

You up for it, kids? A majority is in within reach.  Yes we can do it. Remember one in twenty is what we have to win over. It is possible. You ready?