Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Lunacy of the Left

The left has gone nuts! First you have enviro-wackjobs  who advocate killing you if you don't comply with their agenda in this ad below.  This video "No Pressure"  is disturbing and chilling.   It was produced by a UK organization, 1010 global.org. who encourages eco-facism.

Then you have a lefty UK pundit advocating smothering your baby if he or she is suffering

Then the same pundit goes on to say abortion is "the act of a loving mother"

How extreme can these loons get? I sure don't want to find out and I hope this lunacy gets doesn't go any further or I'd hate to think what might happen.

Larry Martin Seems To Be Afraid

Libluvin journalist, Larry Martin seems like he's afraid these days. First he comes out with a book  that portrays PM Harper as an iron fisted control freak who hates Liberals. He likes to try to make the Conservatives look bad at every turn by the way.
  Today in his column I sense real fear on his part.  Fear that Liberals are losing their grip and influence on the provincial scene and it that will spill over to the federal scene. Oh, dear! He believes the troubles of the Liberal governments in BC, Ontario, and Quebec is a reason why Iffy can't get any traction despite the phony plaid shirts, the phony poses with Tim Horton's cups on the Magical Liberal Express tour.  It might have a bit of an influence but I think Ignatieff and his team do enough damage to themselves without the help of the provincial cousins.
The caving of the three Liberal fortresses may have consequences beyond their jurisdictions. Tidings at the provincial level don’t often reverberate with much impact at the federal level. But when the Liberal brand name takes a hit in three great domains in the same time frame, it surely can’t help. It may be among the reasons why Michael Ignatieff is not getting much liftoff despite all his hard work through the summer.
Martin goes on to lament the troubles of the three Premiers who he calls successful. Successful? Huh? 
 Larry is clearly afraid that the public is starting to wake up and see the light, that the Liberal socialist agenda has failed. Poor Larry!
Federal Liberals can’t quantify how much they’re being hurt by the plight of their provincial leaders. They say Quebec is where it’s being felt most. And they don’t like the luckless irony of it all. Three of the most successful Liberal premiers to come along in decades are detrimental to their federal hopes.

Larry, accept it. Change is a comin'.  I sense the public is starting to look for change at all levels, more fiscal  accountability,  smaller government, less government spending, lower taxes, more individual freedom, in other words, more conservatism.

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