Friday, March 16, 2012

Vikileaks and Anonymous,Could There Be Ties?

While the Media Party has been hot on the trail of robocalls, Sun Media has been looking into Vikileaks and Anonymous.  We all ready know that a Liberal staffer was behind Vikileaks, was supposed to attend the ethics committee and answer some questions but didn't show up because he's supposedly ill.

We don't know a lot about the Anonymous  made threats to Vic Toews if he didn't back away from the internet snooping bill.
Could there be a link between the two?   Another parliamentary committee will be looking into that.
 OTTAWA - A parliamentary committee will invite foreign experts in tracing Internet hackers to find the people behind attempts to blackmail Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, QMI Agency has learned.
The House and procedural affairs committee began hearings Thursday to investigate threatening YouTube videos by a group purporting to be the political hacker group Anonymous.
Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski said the scope of the committee's investigation could broaden if another Commons committee uncovers any links between blasts against Toews from the Twitter account vikileaks and the Anonymous video postings.
"If they find any kind of a link then I think in the committee report they may be able to ask Parliament to consider a point of privilege based on what they uncover in their examination," he said about the ethics committee.
Ezra Levant is at least asking the right questions?

The questions the Media Party ignores. Hmmm.....wonder why?

Update: Sun Media's Bridgett Pellerin gives you some links. 

Another update: From Ezra's monologue today.