Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tonite's Debate

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 In just a few short hours will be the first debate this election.  It will be hosted by Macleans.

Paul Wells will be moderating.  There will be various means by which you can watch.

The debate begins at 8pm EDT. We’re broadcasting coast to coast in multiple languages. In English, on City. In English and French, on CPAC. In Italian, Punjabi, Mandarin and Cantonese on OMNI.
We’ll be live streaming at, on the Maclean’s Facebook page and the Maclean’s YouTube channel, as well as on and You can also join the social discussion using the #macdebate hashtag.
Will there be any knock out punches?  Not likely.  Knock out punches rarely occur.

Who will win?  My bet is on PM Stephen Harper.   He a well seasoned and very good debater.

Will any voters minds be change?  Probably not.

Will you be watching tonite?  I will most likely be switching between the Maclean's debate and the US GOP Fox debate.

Leadnow Interfering in the Federal Election?

Remember the robocall ficasco?  Leadnow and the petition with  thousands of so called disenfranchised voters that had the media party convinced that the Conservatives cheated in the 2011 election?    Leadnow is getting funding from the US to interfere in this election.  They can't air ads now that the writ has dropped but they are making phone calls in Conservative swing ridings.  

Where is Elections Canada?   Oh yeah, Leadnow is a far left activist group who are campaigning to oust the Conservatives.   If it were say a more conservative group like the Fraser Institute campaigning to keep the CPC in office with say Koch brothers money,  Elections Canada  would pounce on that like a cat on a mouse.