Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thank you, Glen Pearson

Finally a Liberal with some common sense on the Helena Guergis issue. Liberal MP for London North Center, Glen Pearson wants to put a stop to the Helena pile on. To that I say Amen! I think enough is enough now.

Is it just me, or does this whole Helena Guergis saga seem increasingly macabre? Every week seems to bring out some new sordid revelation that turns this narrative into some kind of neverending story. I’ve grown increasingly disturbed at what appears to be a pack mentality swirling around the junior cabinet minister. It’s almost as if we’ve reached the point where we can no longer avert our gaze, as most civilized people would normally do.
In any story like this, things take a clear turn for the worse when we go from hearing of someone’s troubles to actually pursuing more discoveries in hopes that the person in question goes through even further shame.
I’ll be honest here and state that I believe it’s time we backed off from the Helena Guergis story – not because of what we’re discovering about her but about what we’ve seen in ourselves. Citizens, media, political parties (including her own) – we’ve all pursued her calamities to such a degree that we now seem kind of ghoulish. I’m reminds of Albert Einstein’s sage observation: “Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

In the mean time his caucus colleague Marlene Jennings is keeping on with the pile on. She want the Ethics Commissioner to investigate the financing of a mortgage on a home that Helena has purchased. This is just getting ridiculous!

The Liberals have asked the federal ethics commissioner to review the financing of an $880,000 Ottawa home purchased by Status of Women Minister Helena Guergis.
Montreal MP Marlene Jennings wrote to Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson on Monday afternoon to ask that she look into the terms of the mortgage on the four-bedroom home on Rock Avenue in Lindenlea

Ms. Jennings and Mr. Pearson seem not to be on the same page. Mr. Pearson should have a little chat with Jennings and Doorknob Wayne Easter too for that matter to tell to back off and leave Helena alone now.
The media too should pay attention to this common sense Liberal and stop as well. There are more important stories to cover, like what are we going to do next in Afghanistan for instance or we have a looming crisis coming in healthcare, we need to be talking about that too. Gee, how can you make the Conservatives look bad talking about issues like that? Hmmm.............!

Come on Jennings, Easter and MSM how about acting like adults for a change and focus on adult issues and stop playing these juvenile junior high games? Listen to Mr. Pearson, he makes sense!

Thank you Mr. Pearson for bringing some sanity to this saga!

Dave Rutherford has a good rant on this here. A must listen. Goes after the Liberals and the MSM on the Guergis mortgage thing. Takes phone calls after rant. Go to the around April7, 9:35 am mark.