Friday, July 20, 2012

Jason Kenny, Right?


Seems like Jason Kenny is right, Thomas Lukaszuk is an A******hole.
EDMONTON -- An insensitive Facebook post has landed Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk some time in the principal's office.
Premier Alison Redford said Thursday she was very disappointed by Lukaszuk's breezy caption for a photo of the Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C., mudslide that stranded some 600 tourists -- including some Albertans -- for days. 
"Fairmont in Hot Springs has a good deal on rooms today. If a little bit of mud doesn't bother you, book now!!!" he had posted. 
Alberta's premier was not amused. 
"I'm very aware of it ... I intend to have a conversation with him about it, I take this very seriously," Redford said.
"That was a tragedy ... even if it hadn't involved loss of life, it was still a tragedy, it is not appropriate," Redford said, adding that Lukaszuk's subsequent posts show he understands that.
"It was certainly a lesson ... to all politicians that we have (a) serious responsibility -- people pay attention to what we say and it's important to us to conduct ourselves accordingly." 
Lukaszuk posted he quickly took the offending post down as soon as he discovered the serious nature of the slide. 
"FB friends, sorry for the comment about B.C. At the time of posting I was out of AB and unaware of the scope of the situation. As soon as I found out, I removed the post. Not proud of this one..." Lukaszuk posted.
Even though Premier Mom was going to have a chat with him and he's apparently apologized and took down his post, she must approve.  He hasn't been fired or disciplined. 

Have any of you  read some of his tweets in the past, primarily during the election campaign?  Remember the scuffle with that man during the campaign?  Yeah, he's proven he's a jerk