Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jack,Who Do You Think You Are?

Jack I don't think realizes he and his NDP have less clout now that there is a majority government than they did when there was a minority.   With his rhetoric he thinks just because his party has official opposition status now he has more power to wield around. He's warning PM Harper, he's going to take him on! .
Jack Layton is warning Prime Minister Stephen Harper not to ignore the New Democrats.
“Yes, he won a majority. But he is facing the largest, most united opposition in 31 years,” the federal NDP Leader told 2,500 delegates attending a convention of the Canadian Labour Congress on Wednesday.
It was Mr. Layton's first major speech since his party vaulted over the Liberals to become the Official Opposition after last week's federal election. New Democrats won 103 seats.
Mr. Layton accused Mr. Harper of ignoring a “brewing storm” of problems in pensions, casting himself as an ally with the provinces in strengthening the Canada and Quebec pension plans.
“It's the kind of practical approach that the New Democrat opposition will bring to the house each and every day,” he said in the brisk speech.
“Stephen Harper is in power. We are going to take him on.”
Hello,Jack, Conservatives have 167 seats, you have 102. Even though you'll be allowed to have your say, Stephen Harper doesn't have to give you the time of day.  
 Jack, that's what got Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals into trouble. Remember "Your time is up," and "If you mess with me, I will mess with you until I'm done."

Jack maybe you should come back down to earth.