Monday, June 7, 2010

Coalition, Merger or Back to the Future, Liberals in Panic Mode

Wow, Liberals are having big troubles! There have been musings that the Liberals and the NDP should get together. Bob Rae has been aching for a merger/coalition for a long time. Mr. Ziffy is musing about coaliton and has changed his mind again. He's been against a coalition then for then against again. "Coalition if necessary but not necessarily a coalition
Upon taking over from Dion, Ignatieff briefly maintained the coalition threat — coining the phrase "a coalition if necessary but not necessarily a coalition" — to wring some budget concessions from Harper. But he eventually abandoned Dion's deal and has seemed opposed to the idea ever since.
But apparently according to him he can't remember ruling out a coalition.
In the interview, Ignatieff said he can't recall ever having categorically ruled out a coalition. He said he continues to adhere to the "coalition if necessary, but not necessarily coalition" line.
Senior's moment? Can't make up his mind.What is it? Flip,flop.
Some even are musing about "da little guy from Shawingan", Jean Chretien coming back as an interim leader which is a total joke.
Liberals seem to be totally lost, desperate and panicky. They desperately want back at the reins of power and don't know how to get there. They know they can't win an election on their own in the near future and are in tizzy.
One wonders who's really running the show in the OLO. It's obvious is that Liberals have a lot of work to do that could take years. In the mean time PM Harper's government continues to work hard and achieve successes for the country.

BTW. Thanks to Dan Cook for this little reminder.