Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Exactly Are We Having An Election?

Roy Green on his show yesterday discussed exactly that with Ipsos Reid pollster John Wright,Kelly MacParland and Matt Gurney both from the National Post.  It was a good discussion. They agree Conservatives have the advantage and couldn't understand why the Liberals would force this thing upon us.. They all agreed it would be best for the Liberal party if the Conservatives got a majority so they can rebuild from the ground up but they don't see anyone right now who could take up the mantle after Michael Ignatieff is gone.

They agreed nothing in this election so far has been inspiring so why are we having it?  A really great discussion go have a listen at about the 9:50 mark.Sunday April10 @12:00pm

Signs of a Coaltion?

It is more than likely that if the Conservatives fall short of a majority come May 2,  If you look at the policy platform of both the Liberals and the NDP you can't really tell the difference between them.  It's all tax and spend.  John Ivison in his column points that out.
The NDP leader boasted about what he would do as Prime Minister but his best chance of implementing many of these pledges is for Mr. Ignatieff to form government – either by winning a minority, or by coming second and defeating the Conservatives on their budget.
Before he gets too cozy with the Liberal leader, Mr. Layton should look at the forlorn figure cut by Nick Clegg, the leader of Britain’s Liberal Democrats and deputy prime minister of a Conservative-Lib Dem coalition government. He is tightly bound to a Conservative Party driving unpopular spending cuts because to bring down the government would see the Lib Dems lose half their seats at the subsequent election.
Much of the plan released Sunday will only ever exist in the imagination of the dreamers who believe the NDP might one day form government. But there are other some big ticket items that might see the light of day before too long.
If Canadians take anything away from the NDP plan, they should note its similarity to the Liberal platform. And they should heed Jack Layton’s eagerness to collaborate. He and Mr. Ignatieff may not call it a coalition but it may walk and talk like one.
Joanne at BLY muses about other signs like the Liberal party postponing their party convention etc. Why? 

This is the reality folks. It will be either a Coalition of the losers who will take our country down the path of Greece or a Conservative majority that will be stable, continue on with our recovery and bring prosperity.   Which do you want?  

  I do not want my country being run by separatists.  That's what will happen.  The Libs and the NDP will need the support of the Bloc to stay in power. The bloc-mail will happen.  More of your hard earned tax dollars will be going to appease the Bloc and it will never be enough.

For the betterment of the country the only option is a Conservative majority.