Monday, August 24, 2015

They Have No Idea What They're Doing

Kevin O'Leary says the Alberta NDP government has no idea what  they're doing.  He's darn right.

Let's not do a repeat federally come Oct. 19.  Please use your common sense when voting. 

WAKE UP Canada!

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 Today as some have deemed as Black Monday have stock markets around the world crashing.

At the same time you have Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair prancing around the country with big spending promises.  The media party is Duffy, Duffy, Duffy. 
For anyone with a stake in Canada’s economy – which would be all 35 million of us – the week started off to ugly, ugly news. The stock market route that took hold last week is continuing. Australia’s market lost $60 billion right off the get-go. Investors in China are so enraged at the boss of the metals exchange that they kidnapped him from his hotel. Headlines are rife with words like “panic”, “crash,”, “collapse”, “fear.”
In Canada? In Canada we have an election underway, and the candidates plan another week of blithely promising new programs with new spending, while official Ottawa obsesses over which subordinates in the Prime Minister’s Office knew Nigel Wright was paying Mike Duffy’s bills.
Please voters, Wake up!  Be careful! Think before you cast your ballot on Oct.19.

During this time of huge volatility we can't afford new spending programs.  Do you want the NDP, or the LPC in which both parties are progressives, to spend us into oblivion regardless of the economic conditions.  Or do you want a Stephen Harper and the CPC who will keep spending down, keep taxes down to help us weather the storm as much as possible.

Remember 2008, when the great recession hit us?  Don't forget it was the Libs and the Dippers who forced the Conservatives to spend those billions of dollars that gave us a deficit and increased the debt.  We finally just got out of that deficit and it's the Libs and Dippers who are complaining about how the debt shot up under Harper.  Conservative supporters, please remind your progressive friends and neighbors.

So please I urge each and everyone to go and do your own homework. There's still lots of time. You cannot trust the media to give you the truth and information you need to know.  Ignore them.  Let them obsess over Duffy as much as they please. They're only talking amongst each other anyway.  Severely normal ordinary people outside of the Ottawa bubble just don't care. They're too busy making a living and taking care of their family.

During this time of huge volatility we can't afford new spending programs.