Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Health Care System Needs Reform

The Obama administration seems to be ramming through a health care system like ours that the American people don't want.
They should think twice. Our costs are skyrocketing and unsustainable while the quality of care is depleting. . Look at a new Ipsos Reid opinion poll.

Six in Ten (59%) Say Canadian Healthcare System Is Not Sustainable Because of Costs"

Toronto, ON – The majority of Canadians (59%) ‘agree’ (14% completely/45% somewhat) that ‘as a result of the increasing cost of providing universal healthcare in Canada, governments will not be able to continue to afford the current health care system while continuing to provide other services like education, transportation and support for the unemployed and pension benefits for retirees to ensure that they can continue to deliver the current level of health care’. Just four in ten (42%) ‘disagree’ (15% completely/27% somewhat) with this assessment, according to a new Ipsos Reid poll conducted on behalf of the Canadian Medical Association.

It's about time we started to have an adult conversation on that forbidden topic of the socialized universal health care now. We just can't keep throwing money at an unsustainable system. Allow some private health care, private insurance etc. We have to do something.

It's sad that no politician of any political stripe in this country at any level of government has the cajones to take on this "sacred cow."

It's time we took this on. Time to put the pressure on our politicians. Tea parties anyone?