Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summits Put Nation Sovereignty Back In Style

These summits were a win for the PM. It seems that nation sovereignty is back in style. The UN could very well be loosing it's influence. Thanks to PM Stephen Harper ,with his competence,statesmanship and common sense, has been able to influence world leaders to see  that one size does not fit all. Each country should tailor their responses to the different challenges they face according to their resources and needs.They all agreed to deficit and debt reduction but to do it in their own way.
Another example is the Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.  There was no consensus, each country went away more or less to cut their so called emissions in their own way voluntarily.

The Globe and Mail. talks about how the nation-state is back in the light of the G8/G20 summits. 
The nation-state is back, or rather, it never really went away. In the context of the G8 and G20 summits, sovereign states have now clearly resurfaced in a new form, with numerous complex groupings and linkages among states. The International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization will continue to furnish particular services, but large, unwieldy, all-inclusive multilateral bodies on the United Nations model will not be the way forward.
It was notable at the Toronto summit, for example, that the United States and South Korea strengthened their bilateral trade and military relationships, and that Canada and India entered into a nuclear agreement. By contrast, the schedule for the completion of the international Doha Round trade negotiation was left open-ended.
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The middle-power theory of Canada was a concept of the comparatively idealistic Pearsonian period. But it may apply even better in the more perplexing multipolar world in which Prime Minister Stephen Harper has shown some deftness in positioning Canada.
Canada is no longer a country with little or no influence. We have been punching above our weight and are being noticed again.  PM Stephen Harper is in large part responsible for that and we should be proud.. We are no longer moving in concert with what the UN (Israel, global warming etc), or special interest  dictates. We are all sovereign nations and it should stay that way. 
These summits were clearly a win, win for everyone. That's what makes all the socialist, one world lefties all in a tizzy.  They are losing.  The losing on global warming.  They losing on one world wealth distribution.  They're losing on providing abortions for everyone.
That suits me quite fine.