Thursday, February 10, 2011

PM Harper's Coalition Narrative

Are the opposition parties falling into PM Harper's coalition narrative  without even realizing it?   Increasingly all three opposition parties are in unison when it comes to opposing the government on kinds of fronts. Case in point, last night the three opposition's were united in voting for a Liberal motion to hike corporate taxes.
Then the Liberal leader comes out flip flopping on Bill S-10, a bill that would impose tougher sentences on some drug offenders stating the Liberals  will now vote against it.  They actually origninally supported this bill. They have now come in line with their coalition partners the NDP and the Bloc who have always been against Bill-S10.
Then you have Lib and Dipper social policy, you can't even tell them apart anymore.  It seems like the Libs are morphing into the NDP.   It's like they're one.

With all the opposition parties practically in lock step with each other these days it will make PM Harper's case that much easier.