Friday, February 11, 2011

Do We Need An Adult Conversation on Multiculturalism?

I think we do. Saturday British Prime Minister David Cameron declared multiculturalism a failure. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it before him last fall.  Now French President Nicolas Sarkosy has come claiming multiculturalism has failed.
Charles Adler feels our Prime Minister  here needs to say something too and states that it harms our country.
If we love this country, let us share what we treasure and what we are happy to discard. Let’s declare that Canada is not for sale on the corrupt and corrosive altar of multiculturalism. Let us declare the “experiment” has been a monstrous failure.
Just as alchemists have not been able to turn base metals into gold, government-subsidized multiculturalism has not turned diversity into unity. A hoax is a hoax. And it’s time to call BS on the hoax of government-sponsored multiculturalism. It has created division, not unity. It has generated suspicion, not cohesion.
Multiculturalism divides Canadian against Canadian. It gives power to the basest elements in Canada, those who don’t believe in national unity and ultimately those who don’t believe in Canada as we know it.
I am looking forward to seeing Stephen Harper rise in the House of Commons and offer a David Cameron-like speech on multiculturalism. Does anyone doubt that the private Stephen Harper is on the same page as the now public David Cameron?
John Ibbitson clearly disagrees that there needs to be a debate in this country on that issue calling anyone who wants to debate frustrated, angry bigots.
Debating multiculturalism gives a voice to the angry, the frustrated and yes, the bigoted. It makes newer Canadians feel less welcome. It has the best walking on egg shells and the worst throwing eggs.
Excuse me?  So he basically  thinks that those of us who are not satisfied with our multiculturalism policy should just keep quiet. Well why should we walk on egg shells, not say anything and kow tow to those immigrants who demand the same things they had in their home country?  This is Canada for goodness sake! Our values, our way of doing things should be respected.  We should not be so timid.

To be against multiculturalism is not anti-immigrant. We should welcome immigrants but they should respect our values and integrate otherwise don't come.

So PM Harper, I'm with Mr. Adler, please stand up and say you agree with your counterpoints in Britain, Germany and France! I think.there is a silent majority out there who would support him.