Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Scary Proposition

How would you like a PM who will not allow our military not to be able to do anything outside of Canada without the authorization of the UN and who quotes Chairman Mao?  John Robson from the Sun says that .Michael Ignatieff is unconnected and cannot be trusted  Read the whole article, it's quite interesting.
 Some conventional journalists ridiculed this newspaper for pointing out that, in the English debate a day earlier, Ignatieff borrowed an image from Chairman Mao to accuse Stephen Harper of opposing democracy. But our point wasn’t that Ignatieff is a Maoist or thinks Harper a ghastly totalitarian. It’s that he considered Canadian democracy and Communist mass murder appropriate topics for a cute, ironic little cultural reference devoid of intellectual substance.
The disquieting feeling many of us have about Ignatieff, and the elitist tribe who find him an attractive leader, is that they are rootless, not so much disloyal to Canada as strangers to the whole idea of patriotism and loyalty. That’s why it’s so troubling that on CSPAN on June 17, 2004, Ignatieff told an American audience, “You have to decide what kind of America you want. It’s your country just as much as it is mine.”
This petty falsehood cheapened American citizenship as well as ours. The United States really is their country, whose anthem brings a tear to their eye and which they or their sons and daughters will die to defend. To Ignatieff it was just a visiting professorship. And he doesn’t grasp the difference. In The Rights Revolution in 2000, he called Canada “the place on earth that, if I needed one, I would call home.” But he doesn’t. And it shows.
He can’t even offer the intellectual’s excuse for political unreliability that he owes higher allegiance as a citizen of the Republic of Truth, given his pattern of inconsistency.
It’s as though the world of ideas is one more place he enjoys visiting but to which he feels no genuine loyalty.
The problem isn’t just that he’s not from around here. He’s not from around anywhere. He’s totally unconnected, to Canada, the truth, his own words or anything else.
You cannot trust such people. They’ll quote Mao and give your foreign policy to the Russians and not even mean it.
 Couple that with Jack Layton and  Gilles Duceppe in the mix.  Down right scary isn't it?   That's exactly what'll happen if we don't elect a Conservative majority on May 2.  If you want security and stability you know what to do.  Let's get off our butts get out there and  work hard otherwise May 3 we might wake up to something  we can't do over.  A Conservative majority is the only solution.