Sunday, April 10, 2011

Watch For the Tired Old Hidden Agenda Card

As we approach the middle of the this election campaign, the Liberals are still well behind the Conservatives in the polls.  One they always drag out is the "hidden agenda" card.

You know,abortion,death penalty,etc. Well it seems according to a poster over on Bluelikeyou, it's already started. H/T jon
jon says:
A week after various CTV reporters pressed PMSH to stop playing the coalition/hidden agenda card on Iggy, Roger Smith asks the PM if Canadians should fear that he has a hidden agenda to cut social programs.
The Liberal friendly media has already brought it out again.  They've been doing this for the last what five/six elections?  

The old "hidden agenda" card, why they're dragging it out, I don't know. It's old,tired and doesn't work anymore. Canadians have witnessed the last five years that PM Harper and the Conservatives DO NOT have a "hidden agenda."  PM Harper has brought up repeatedly numerous times he's not going to pursue the abortion issue or the same sex marriage issue, or the death penalty etc.

Furthermore to Roger Smith's question about cutting social programs, PM Harper has already stated he's not going to do what the Liberals did in '90s which was cut transfer payments to the provinces for social programs etc.  So where's the "hidden agenda?"   Smells like desperation to me.

So no, there is NO "hidden agenda" like some would have you believe.

Maybe it's Liberals who should be asked about their hidden agenda with our military,coalition plan etc.
Time for a Conservative majority. Maybe it'll get rid of all this nonsense. 
Expect more of the "hidden agenda" stuff  in the coming days.