Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wildrose Roots Were Not Deep Enough

Ok, I am finished licking my wounds from the Alberta election.  Sure I was really wanting Wildrose to win.   I thought Danielle Smith would make terrific premier and I still do.  It's obvious Albertans were not quite comfortable yet handing them government.  Wildrose roots were just not deep enough yet.

 I know we all believed the polls and the pundits.  Most were projecting a Wildrose win.  The expectation was high.  It looks now like the polls were wrong.

But hey, thinking about it most of the day yesterday, it wasn't a total loss.  Wildrose came away with 17 seats including Danielle's. PCs came away with fewer seats than they had before. Wildrose is now the official opposition, the government in waiting.  Danielle and her team will keep hammering away at Red Ali and her PC minions as they keep mucking the province up. 

It was the same situation with the Lougheed PCs at first. They were in opposition first to prove themselves, then government.  Same too with the CPC. Look where they are now.

As the time passes, Wildrose will gain experience, get more media and public attention. Their roots will grow deeper.  Albertans will get to know them better and become more comfortable.  If they do a good job, keep their noses clean, keep getting their message out, they will gain the trust of Albertans come next election in four years, they will be rewarded and Danielle Smith, a smart, charismatic, articulate woman will be handed the keys to the premiers office.

I think we just have to be patient.  As the Wildrose roots grow deeper, the more stable they will be and next time will not be blown over.  The next election campaign is just starting.