Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Support Rebel TV

Since the Sun has set. Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley have started up The Rebel Media.  So far working with a shoestring budget I'm already impressed. But to be a truly viable media source to give a truly conservative voice in Canada and to give the media party a run for their money, they need some help getting up and running.  They will not be getting any taxpayer money or money from cable companies. 

They have set up a crowdfunding page on their website.  They have listed each item they will need and how much it will cost.   Frankly I like that.   I hope they can raise what they need as soon as possible so they can provide Canada with a true alternative.  Do what you can to help out and spread the word.  This is what you call real free enterprise.  I wish Ezra and Brian success in their venture.

BTW.  Would love to see the CBC  having to rely on crowdfunding.