Friday, October 7, 2011

Danielle Takes On Alison

 As Alison Redford gets sworn in today as Alberta's 14th Premier, Danielle Smith and Wildrose leave no grass growing underneath their feet. Is the next campaign already underway?   Wildrose has released two TV ads attacking Alison on her flip flopping.  Take a look here at the first one.

Now take a look at the other one.

It's obvious Danielle is trying to define her opponent before her opponent tries to define herself.   It's a page out of PM Stephen Harper's playbook that worked out so well for the CPC when they came out early defining two former Liberal leaders, Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff. 

Will this tactic work for Danielle and Wildrose?  We'll have to wait and see but one thing we know,  next election Albertans will have a real choice that they haven't had in such a long time. The difference between the Wildrose and the PC's are striking.   The Progressive Conservative party is in no means "conservative."

The PC's have clearly drifted to the left,to the progressive side. The old  tired establishment PC's are for big government just like the Liberals,and the ND"s. and they are beholding to special interest groups and unions like Alison who just made a  backroom deal with the teacher's union to reinstate $107 million dollars of taxpayer's money that was cut in the spring budget.

Wildrose on the other hand is a small government grass roots kind of party and not beholding to unions or special interest groups and will not make back room deals for power. 

I can't wait till next election. It will be an exciting one!  Let the games begin!