Friday, August 14, 2015

Political Theater

Thats what Brian Lilley calls it around the media circus around the Mike Duffy
trial. The media party will do anything to defeat the PM and the Conservatives.  They believe that the Duffy trial will do it but I don't think so.  Nobody cares outside the Media Party bubble and the NDP and Liberals.  There is NO smoking gun they so desperately are seeking to nail the Prime Minister with.  This  so called scandal is fizzling like all the others the Media Party tried to ignite.  As Brian Lilley so aptly describes this circus, "political theater indeed!

The Media Party Registers As Third Party

If you had any doubts,  Ezra Levant reports that The Canadian Media Guild has registered as  third party in this federal election.
The Media Party should not pretend they're "just reporting" they're campaigning. They're campaigning hard too, since 2006 with their blatant bias.  They hate PM Harper and the Conservatives and are trying their best to defeat him. 

As conservatives our opposition is not the Liberals and NDP, it's the Media Party.   Let's not allow them to win. We need to call them out at every turn.