Friday, March 11, 2011

The Toxic Atmosphere on Parliament Hill

I like many  have been appalled lately at the behavior of  MPs on the Hill who are supposed to be "Honorable Members." Well they haven't been so honorable the last few weeks.  It has developed into what L.Ian Macdonald describes as toxic.and it's mostly over procedural stuff that most Canadians outside the Ottawa bubble care little about.  Yes the government needs to be held accountable but the focus should be on the issues that affect the everyday lives of regular Canadians.

The Conservatives are no angels either. Please pay attention! Yes even though so far none of this muck has stuck and the polls look good, it's no time for the Conservatives to go into stupid mode and get arrogant and cocky.because you never know what may happen.  A little bit of humility might be in order.  The public responds more positively to humility.  Arrogance turns people off. 

What to about it?  Well maybe an election would be the solution to sort things out, I don't know but it has to be a majority either way. Either a Conservative majority or a majority with the Lib/Dipper/Bloc coalition. 

BTW. These goings on in Ottawa pales in significance compared to what's going on in Japan today with horrific earthquake and tsunami. My heart and prayers are with the Japanese people today.