Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dave Rutherford-1, Wayne Doorknob Easter-0

A must listen! Dave Rutherford interviewed Wayne Doorknob Easter this morning on his show about patronage appointments. Dave really gave Easter a good smack-down. You can listen right here. Click on 10:00AM then scroll to 35:03.

He says Stephen Harper is the worst PM for patronage appointments. Dave got him on Liberal patronage and Easter said Liberals weren't that bad. Yeah right! Dave points out that PM Harper's patronage appointments are 20% compared to Chretien's patronage appointments at 50%. Dave then points out that our Ambassador to the US, former Manitoba Premier, Gary Doer is an NDP. Then Doorknob goes on to admit that PM Harper has actually made some pretty good appointments. Easter is one of the biggest hypocrites that's for sure. Dave did a really good job putting Easter in his place. Wish we had more journalists that would give Easter a good smack-down like that.

Liberal patronage appointments-good

Conservative patronage appointments-bad

Heads up , Dave Rutherford has been called to testify at the Industry Committee tomorrow about the long form census. I think he said around 9:30AM EST.   He has no clue why just that he's been called. Should be interesting.

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So You Think You Can Dance, Inuvik

How cool, PM Harper puts on his dancing shoes and joined in on some  traditional native dance last night in Inuvik and stole the show.
INUVIK, N.W.T. — Prime Minister Stephen Harper: So you think you can dance?
While he may not be trading in his suits for a shot at reality fame any time soon, the Conservative leader is apparently not shy about busting the odd move.
Three days into his week-long Arctic visit, Harper stole the show on Wednesday evening with an impromptu dance as aboriginals beat drums and sang traditional songs.
I bet the PM was more authentic and did a lot better than Iffy's dance at Caribana in Toronto earlier in the this summer.
Apparently he was quite a hit with the locals and had a good time.
Around 300 people packed into a stuffy recreation centre in Inuvik, NWT on Wednesday night, waiting for a glimpse of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
While he was having private meetings, the Inuvik Drummers and Dancers entertained the crowd, warming up for their turn in front of the PM.
Restless children entertained themselves with video games, while some fanned paper plates to stir up some fresh air.
Finally, Harper arrived, shaking hands with elders and children alike, before making his way to the front of the room.
For a few minutes he gamely watched the dancers perform, until Lillian Elias issued an invitation.
"Our tradition is that we invite everybody to join us when it is time for us to have a dance, a freestyle dance," said Elias, 67, who has been dancing about 10 years.
Health Minister Leona Agluuykak, who is from Inuvik, was first to her feet, joining a growing crowd preparing to the gentle beat of a drum.
Seconds later, Harper rose.
He accepted a pair of traditional cowhide and beaver fur gloves, and as the drumbeats picked up he shyly swayed and bounced.
But as the community closed in and their shouts grew louder, Harper grew bolder.
He crouched and shimmied, adding his voice to the chorus.
At the end, wild applause and a high five from one of the dancers.
Our PM obviously can let his hair down, enjoy himself and have some fun and can relate with regular people because he is a regular guy. He's a Tim Hortons, Walmart middle class kind of person. Neither he nor his wife were born with silver spoons in their mouths.  He and Lorraine knows what it's like to work hard, and pay the bills because they have lived in the real world.  It's quite different with Iffy, where it's actually an effort to try to  blend in. and connect. He can't do it, he just pretends, because he's just too much of an elite. 

I think PM Harper should relax and let his hair down more often. He deserves it.