Monday, April 15, 2013

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals To Form Government in 2015?

Not so fast. According to the Sun's Mark Dunn, they have an up hill battle to climb. 
Now that the coronation is complete, the big question is where does the hobbled party go from here?
And don't think for a moment a bounce in the polls that follows popularity contests will cement into permanent gains.

And the hype about the threat Trudeau would pose to the NDP and Conservatives in 2015 is wishful thinking among his media cheerleaders and their frustration with a Conservative government.
There's a mountain of work to climb. The question is: Are Liberals up to it?
The party lacks a ground game in more than 100 ridings.
Winning an historical low of 34 seats in 2011 exposed the organizational neglect and waning grassroots interest.

And with 30 new ridings in play in 2015, those woes will be exacerbated. The party is not rich.
Bills from a string of debates, town halls and showcase events are mounting.
Its financial lifeline known as the per-vote subsidy is drying up.
Fundraising is sporadic. Star candidates are not forming a line to carry the banner.
And talk of socking away a rainy day fund to counter attack ads is bravado.
Just ask Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff about how the party rushed to their rescue at their time of need. They were left to bleed.
Trudeau's father, Pierre, had the Big Red Machine.
His son inherited a Little Red Wagon. A fresh coat of paint only hides the rust.

And it was mostly non-party members who picked the leader. Support is fickle.
The party is in sad shape. Whispers about forming government in 2015 is the talk of fools.
 Dunn should know, he used work for the Liberal party.
That does not mean though  Conservatives should be apathetic.    On the contrary, Conservatives must be vigilant and work hard.  Just think of the alternative.