Friday, April 9, 2010

What Should Be Done With Helena?

With all the troubles that Helena Guergis has been having lately, is it time for her to step aside? I am so sick and tired of the Helena and Rahim soap opera. If I want to tune into a soap opera, I might as well watch the Young and Restless or some other soap. Those at least are probably more entertaining, I don't know. I mean this is just getting ridiculous.

As the stomach churns, I have come to the conclusion that she should step aside, for the betterment of the government so they don't have to be distracted by this sideshow while they're trying to get things done. She should at least take a temporary leave from her cabinet post. She has real issues and needs the time to take care of them. Let one of our other fine women in caucus take over her files for awhile like for instance, Shelly Glover or Candice Hoeppner.

This for the media and the opposition is like a dog with a bone. They're out for blood. Let's not give them anymore ammo. There are so many important issues that should be focused on.. Like we still have our brave men and women in Afghanistan in harms way. There's immigration, justice and corrections problems etc to deal with. We all know the opposition and the media will hang on this story until something is done.

The sooner this is dealt with, the better. Maybe then we can move on and deal with those problems that need dealing with.

There, I had to voice my thoughts and get things off my chest. I am not going to post about the Helena, Rahim soap opera again. I will deal with the important issues of the day. Now, let's get on with other matters, shall we?

Update: Helena Guergis has tendered her resignation . h/t Lorraine