Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I think this is brilliant. Members of Congress are being inundated with Pink Slips.

"Conservative site WorldNetDaily is running a campaign to send members of Congress a "pink slip" warning that if they vote for "government health care," "cap and trade," "hate crimes," or "any more spending," their "real pink slip will be issued in the next election."

You know I was thinking, we could do that here too. Send "Pink Slips" to certain Members of Parliament or MLAs that we feel should get the boot if they vote let's say against free speech, smaller government, lowering taxes, scraping the gun registry, spending cuts etc. Pink slips too if they vote for any global warming scam.

Don't know if it would have any impact on the politicians but it at least sends a message.

Thank You Indian Media

From David Akin, National Post
It takes a journalist from the Indo-Asian News Service for pointing out how the Canadian MSM cover our PM Harper. Instead of the MSM talking about the good things that the Prime Minister getting done for us in India, our MSM likes to take pot shots.

Writing in the left-wing Toronto Star, Rick Westhead says: "For Harper, the visit may have to do less with new trade deals or warmed relations than with building ties to Indo-Canadian voters before the next election. "So rather than strategizing on new bilateral investment with India's Ambani brothers, the prime minister will travel to the Golden Temple in Amritsar - the holiest shrine in the Sikh faith - and meet with Hindi film star Akshay Kumar, a torchbearer for the Vancouver Olympics.' Not surprisingly, the current Canadian prime minister has always had prickly relations with his nation's media.

Thank you Sarabjit Jagirdar from the Indo-Asian News Service for pointing out the pettiness of our Canadian media!
Thank you David Akin for sharing this in your report.

It's the Liberals that Need to Grow Up

Lately Liberal MPs have been acting like they're in Junior High. All their faux scandals and outrages against the government reminds me of whiny name calling Jr. High girls.

Yesterday in ethics committee, Scarborough Liberal MP Michelle Simson wrote the following on twitter, “M.P. Del Mastro should grow up (not out)” When making a statement like that Ms. Simson should look in the mirror. Her and her Liberal colleagues are the ones who should "grow up" and actually do some work for a change for Canadians.

Come on, this is the kinda stuff that goes on in Jr. High. No wonder Liberals are turning voters off.
Keep it up Liberals! It's not Mr. Del Mastro that needs to grow up, it's YOU, LIBERALS.