Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well, What Ya Gonna Do Jack?

Election speculation started with Iffy last December and has been going on ever since.  Libs say they're not going to support the budget that's expected to be presented around March 22.   The Bloc are going to vote against it unless their blackmail demands are met.   It all comes down to Jack Layton and the Dippers.  Will they or won't they?  The ball is in your court.
I suppose it all depends on the polls and Jack your numbers are not looking too good these days especially in the latest Ipsos poll.
It has the CPC at 43%, majority territory, Liberals at 27%,rather stagnant, and NDP down to 13%.  Jack would certainly lose seats so why would he want to pull the plug? 
This poll is nothing for the Liberals to write home about either.  In fact it has some Liberals feeling like they need a head transplant.
Will he, won't he, will he, won't he?  I guess we'll all be wondering and waiting with bated breath until that vote comes down and we actually see what Jack and his party will do.