Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WTO Analyist Who Compared Harper to Hitler and Mossulini, Part of Liberal Kyoto Cabal

In an unpdate on his latest blog post David Akin exposes the WTO analyst who says PM Stephen Harper is in the same camp as Hitler and Mussolini "wrecking club" for pulling out of Kyoto.  He worked as an advisor to former Liberal Minister Jim Peterson and was a part of the the whole cabal who signed us on to Kyoto.
UPDATE: For what it’s worth, the author of these comments is a fellow named John Hancock, a former advisor to Liberal International Trade Minister Jim Peterson. So he was part of the gang, then, that signed on to Kyoto but then did nothing at all to implement the protocol, despite the fact that Chretien and Martin governments ran up huge budgetary surpluses and could have easily afforded a whole lot of Kyoto programming.
Coming from a Liberal, I'm not surprised.  That's what they're like.

Thank you David Akin for connecting the dots and exposing the truth!