Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Which Leader Do You Trust With Your Life or Money?

Compas research asked who do you trust with your life and finances.  Guess who came out on top.
Trust a politician with your money or your life?
Canadians were asked which national political leader would they put faith in to, say, manage their family finances.
"Which one would make the best judge in a law court dealing with criminals? If a young friend of yours were serving with the armed forces in a battlefield in Afghanistan, which one of these leaders would you have preferred as unit commander in charge?" the COMPAS Research poll asked.
The clear choice for battlefield commander went to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who drew 56% of the support, compared to 14% for Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and 18% for NDP Leader Jack Layton.
Harper was also deemed the better money manager and the best criminal court judge, although about one in four thought the nod should go to Layton.
Another 10% believe Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe could be trusted to manage their money.
Pollster Conrad Winn said he found this part of the poll fascinating.
"Family savings, you could say, is kind of a stand in for managing the economy," he said.
No surprise for me!   It's actually a no brainer. Stephen Harper has proven to be someone who you CAN trust with your finances.  Look how he steered us through the deepest recession in eighty years.

Trust him with your life,you betcha!  He's changing the criminal justice system to make our streets safer and providing our military with the proper equipment they need to protect our sovereignty and keep us safe from those who wish to do us harm.

He's strong,decisive,shows real leadership and represents us very well in the world so why change the commander in the middle of  the uncertain times that we are facing in the world? 

Stephen Harper all the way!  Let's keep him as Prime Minister and give him a majority!  He's the real deal!