Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Alberta Liberal Leader Raj Sherman Calls Out Federal Liberal Leader Bob Rae

 Good for Alberta Liberal leader Raj Sherman for calling out Bob Rae on  the Northern Gateway pipeline.
EDMONTON — Alberta Liberal leader Raj Sherman is slamming federal counterpart Bob Rae for failing to give full support to the Northern Gateway pipeline project.
Rae said Monday that the current National Energy Board hearings may be an insufficient tool to properly consult aboriginal groups on the project. He called on the federal government to take the process more seriously, warning a failure to improve consultation could open the door to legal action from First Nations.
Other media reported that Rae also remains opposed to more tanker traffic on the B.C.'s north coast, where the pipeline would bring Alberta bitumen for transport to Asian markets.
"I respect Mr. Rae, he's a national leader, but I would disagree with him. Our positions are very different here," Sherman said Tuesday. "I've said all along we need to diversify our markets and we need to get our products to the west coast."
Thank you Raj!  At least one Liberal with some common sense.  It just goes to show that Bob Rae knows nothing about the west and what goes on here.