Monday, October 25, 2010

Quebec's Tea Party Movement

Quebec's new grassroots right wing small c-conservative tea party like movement was officially launched on the weekend.  The Quebec Freedom Network conference was a sell out weeks ago which is good news. Maxime Bernier Conservative MP from Beauce spoke saying that people in Quebec are fed up with big government.
"For 50 years we have had a big, fat interventionist government in Quebec at the provincial level, and I think people are fed up with that," Maxime Bernier, Conservative MP for Beauce and a speaker at today's event, said in an interview. "They want to have more freedom through less government." Questioning the sustainability of the once sacrosanct "Quebec model," with its generous business subsidies and extensive social services, has become more common. But even the most vocal critics of the status quo recognize that any substantial change is going to take time.
It's a good start at  for Quebec. It remains to be seen whether or not it will be a lasting thing seeing that Quebecer's are pretty fickle. I hope it  will be lasting and that it will spread like wildfire across the country with the public getting fed up with big intrusive government at all levels, speaking out and demanding change.  Look what influence the Tea Party movement in the US is having.  They have been a big influence in the midterm election cycle and are about to elect quite a few tea party candidates to Congress in about 8 days from now. 
We shall wait and see what happens  but I think such a movement can have impact here as well but it's up to us the grassroots.  Watching what's going on in Quebec will be interesting in the coming months, if change can happen there, it can happen anywhere in Canada and  it has to start somewhere.