Thursday, March 11, 2010

PM Harper, Is a Doer

PM Harper is a doer not just a talker. He doesn't fill space with empty rhetoric like the Liberals generally do. He gets things done!

The usual Liberal friendly journalist, Lawrence Martin of the Globe and Mail points out how the PM has a vision and is quietly enacting it and how it's the Liberals that are the lost ones without a vision.

Not one for fancy phrases, Mr. Harper has never articulated a vision. He just enacts one. To look at the country now – compared to the welfare-state, peacenik era of Pierre Trudeau – is to see a remarkably different coloration.

Whether or not the public likes it, right-side values are taking hold. The visionless party, philosophically at loose ends, is the Liberal one. The governing side knows where it's going and how to get there.

So you see? Even a Liberal friendly journalist gets it, PM Harper does have a vision and quietly implements it, the Liberals don't really have a vision. PM Harper is a man of action.

Thanks goes to Mr. Martin for pointing these facts out. Harper and the Conservatives act, Liberals are lost and visionless!