Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CBC Shocker! Reality Check on Libs Plan to Raise Corporate Taxes

This is something coming from the state broadcasting corporation but they did a reality check on the Liberals plan to raise corporate taxes to pay for their social engineering programs.  Go see for yourself,you'll be amazed that seeing it's  coming from one of the CBC's Harper haters Keith Boag..  H/T wilson from Bluelikeyou

Why Isn't the MSM On This?

The MSM is all hot and bothered by a couple of students who were forced to leave a Tory rally but why isn't the media on this?
Liberal bubble? supporters couldn't get in to @ rally in QC:      H/T David Akin Twitter 
Here is the column from google translator.
(Quebec) The first passage to Quebec Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, campaigning was marked by a boondoggle that has angered activists and plunged into the embarrassment of local organizers.
. Happy cheer "their" leader of the LPC and candidates in the region, a dozen Liberal supporters were turned away Tuesday at the doors of the Crossroads Community Charlesbourg. Le ton a monté, selon des témoins. Became heated, according to witnesses.
They had to turn back, their signs under his arm, unable to express their support
Mr. Ignatieff - who has remained in Quebec for a few hours - and the Liberal team. The latest poll puts the PLC Segma to 14% in the polls in Quebec.
. Similarly, a dozen media representatives from Quebec - journalists, cameramen and photographers - were denied access to Carrefour where Mr. Ignatieff met with community groups. . Only journalists who follow the Pan Canadian register. . Lucky few have managed to get through.
. Local organizers of the PLC, unable to justify this approach, hiding their evil malaise, their incomprehension and disapproval... Especially since the leader did not hold a press conference in Quebec City because he had already answered questions earlier in the day ... Newfoundland.
"We made another big [press briefing] tomorrow morning in Compton [Townships], and you're welcome everyone," said Michel Liboiron, chief press secretary.  The refusal to let journalists and local activists was explained by a lack of space inside.  Representatives of community groups have asked to limit the amount of people inside.
"If it's a communication problem, we will try to manage it," said Liboiron.
  Run its course, the organization agreed that the leader answer a few questions from area media.  Liberal candidates in the capital brought about.
The Liberal leader has promised that he would first go back to Quebec by the end of the campaign.  "We do not drop your arms," ​​he assures. We're here to win. "
Why won't the media talk about that incident?  Guess it might be embarrassing for the Liberals.
Here's another one hat tip again to David Akin. If PM Harper were shunned like that, it would make top news for all of the campaign.
My favourite honest moment on the Ignatieff tour happened last week in Winnipeg. Ignatieff had shown up at Kelekis, the famous Winnipeg diner, and the usual crowd of regulars was inside, perhaps unaware the Liberal leader and a horde of journalists were about to upset their lunch break.
Ignatieff gamely went around and introduced himself to the diners. One old gent was having none of Iggy’s friendliness, telling the Liberal leader he was “wasting my money.”
A table full of grumpy old bowlers called the Liberal leader “an a--hole” loudly enough that our reporter travelling with Iggy could clearly hear their displeasure.
Undeterred, Iggy turned to another man. “Come here often?” Ignatieff asked.
“No, and I probably won’t be back now,” the man replied.
Tough crowd. You can almost hear Ignatieff mutter, “Right. I’ll put you down as undecided.”
MSM where are you?  Shame on you!!!  All we ask for is some balance.
For a nice change PM Harper met with ethnic media to answer some real questions.What a difference!  The national media could learn something.  

Update:Check out Smalldeadanimals. "The First American Prime Minister, With White Supremacists"