Friday, August 7, 2015

Maclean's Leaders Debate Postmortem

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Well last night was the first leaders debate of this federal election so far.  I will try and be fair in my analysis.

Thomas Mulcair was surprisingly weak seeing that everyone was saying he was a great debater using his prosecutor style. I think he played it safe. Actually once in awhile he looked kinda creepy.

Justin Trudeau wasn't that great and he wasn't that bad.  At least he didn't make any big gaffes.  So I guess it's a win for him and his supporters.  His closing remarks was not good at all.

Elizabeth May wasn't that bad either really.  I did notice she challenged Mulcair and PM Harper but she didn't challenge Justin.  I thought that was interesting.

PM Harper was very well I thought seeing that he was being attacked not by three opponents but four.  Paul Wells being the fourth opponent.  He responded to every time with facts.  Basically he was setting the record straight on all that  misinformation that has been put out there by the opposition and the media party.  Of course being the incumbent it's expected that he would be challenged the most.

Paul Wells I thought threw softballs at the Justin, May and Mulcair while going hard on the PM.  If you're hard on one you should be hard on them all.  That;s only fair but then again Wells is a lefty and good friends with Justin.

Overall this debate wasn't that bad. I would say PM Harper won the debate on facts and setting the record straight.  The big loser last night the consortium.