Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pandering to Quebec to Buy Votes?

Well that's what L.Ian Macdonald is suggesting that PM Harper do to gain seats in Quebec and win a majority government come next election.  He suggests since Quebec is trying to get an NHL franchise back and a bid for the 2022 Olympics that the Conservative government throw money at an NHL caliber arena so that they can have a good chance at bidding for both. He thinks that would win seats for the CPC.
 And that would be a commitment to match the Quebec government's pledge of $175 million to build an NHLcalibre hockey arena in Quebec City. Throw in another $50 million promised by the city and that would probably leave another $100 million in costs that would be covered by selling naming rights to an arena. The move would buttress both Quebec City's bid for the 2022 winter Olympics and, more immediately, for an NHL franchise and the return of the Nordiques.
 L.Ian is suggesting that really taxpayer money from the ROC namely the west  should go to La Belle province to buy votes. Look, I have nothing against the Olympics or the NHL. but throwing money at Quebec, just to buy some more votes?  I don't know, that's what's been happening  since the beginning of Confederation and it's never enough. Governments and parties have been giving that province special attention forever.  They always have their hand out wanting more. It think Quebec has gotten enough funds through equalization etc.

Would it actually win more votes for the CPC?  Who knows?  I don't really think so.  Quebec is fickle, you can never really count them to come through. I say PM Harper should just go back to giving ALL the provinces more autonomy which is  fair to everyone . Every province should be treated the same.  No favorites, please.

BTW, I think it's possible to win a majority without Quebec.  We are only ten short.  If we retain the ones we have, take the one back in Edmonton, a few in BC, a few in Ontario like Mark Holland's seat. I don't think Danny Williams is going to go the route of ABC again so we have a good chance at taking back those we lost in NFLD.