Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poor Justin Trudeau

So communism doesn't work. Looks like little Justin is sad today because of this news  Don't think hes' taking it well.
FORMER Cuban president Fidel Castro said the "Cuban model" of communism no longer works, an apparent admission that the economic policy that underpinned the country's revolution more than 50 years ago had failed.
It's well known the Trudeau and his boys  have been admired and have been good friends of Fidel Castro and Cuba for years.  Justin's dad,  took his Viva Cuba tour in 1976 and then when his dad died, Fidel who rarely goes out of his country came to Canada to attend the funeral. of his best bud.

To hear Fidel make that startling confession must be crushing for Justin.  All their social programs haven't worked?  Please say it isn't so.   Justin's dad was trying to turn Canada into a Cuban socialist utopia with the countless social programs and the horrible NEP, that was a nothing but wealth distribution program that still haunts us in the western Canada today.
Justin was hoping to continue with his dad's work now this.  If it hasn't worked for Cuba, how can it possibly work for Canada?  Maybe that's why he's having second thoughts about his political career.
Ya think?