Tuesday, March 8, 2011

While Jack is Away, Two of His MPs Go Ballistic

WOW!!!  While NDP leader Jack Layton is in the hospital recovering from major hip surgery, two of his MPs go ballistic.  Are these two guys trying emulate Charlie Sheen or what? First you have Pat Martin having a meltdown while bullying a female Conservative MP.  Candice Hoeppner did great job standing up to him by the way. She conducted herself very classy.  Just imagine if it were a Conservative white male acting like this towards an NDP  or a Liberal woman. On the eve of International Women's Day to boot.  That's  even more disgraceful. Pat Martin needs to publicly apologize to Candice Hoeppner for his unacceptable behavior.

Then you have Thomas Mulcair losing it when being interviewed by QMI journalist Brian Lilley. Lilley was asking him if he was after the bosses job.  Jack better watch his back.

What are these two thinking?  It's not the way you would want an "honorable member" to act. They are a disgrace to Parliament.

Just imagine if it were a Conservatives  acting like this.  Well, there would be hell to pay and rightly so.  It would be the lead story in every news outlet as well with cries for resignations.  Both these MPs are in serious need of professional help for anger management in my opinion. We can only hope they will hear an earful from their constituents and their leader.