Friday, August 6, 2010

CBC Keeps Smearing Our Troops

What does CBC have against our troops?  They keep smearing them time after time.  The latest is the Wikileaks document that claims  four of our brave soldiers were killed by friendly fire instead of Taliban fire.  Peter Worthington tells of a CBC interview he listened to recently that they had on with an unreliable source to discredit  the former Chief of Defense Staff and others. Former General Rick Hiller and others had come out to set the record straight about what really happened.
Leave it to the CBC to smear our troops.
The most startling aspect for Canadians in the 92,000 documents supposedly leaked by the gadfly outfit WikiLeaks, was four Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan in 2006 were victims of friendly fire, not enemy action.
Although DND, former military boss Gen. Rick Hiller, commanders in the field and troops involved in the action all insist it was Taliban fire that killed their comrades, the CBC chose to dispute this in a long interview with a person they described as a retired American general.
They just can't take former General Rick Hiller's word or the word of other's that were actually there of their recollections of that day.  They will drag anyone or anything out to make our troops look bad in hopes it will reflect on our current government as to make them look bad as well.  At least this government staunchly supports our men and women in uniform unlike the previous Liberal government who treated our military like crap. This government is making sure they have every thing they need in order to be a strong effective military.  In order to have a strong country you need a strong military.

General Hiller is way more credible than anyone that Mothercorp finds to twist the truth and I will believe him any day over what the CBC pushes. 
Shame on them! Time to shut them down. Sell the assets to SunTv.  It would at least help with our deficit reduction. They lost their credibility a long time ago as a trustworthy honest news organization.  
SunTV can't come soon enough to take the CBC and other news organizations to task on their blatant attempts to not tell the real story about what is going on issues like this and other topics.