Friday, August 21, 2015

The Media Fiddles While The World Burns

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I am going to be frank.  I'm sick and tired of the media party's constant drivel about Duffy.  It's all Duffy all the time.  There's no smoking gun even though the media keep searching under every rock to find one.  It was about $90,000 that was paid back to the taxpayer by a civil servant.

All this Duffy stuff while there are real things going on in the world.  The price of oil is down.  The dollar's down. ISIS is raping, pillaging and beheading people in the Middle East. Now North Korea's loony leader is threating war. 

They ignore NDP and LPC misdeeds like how the NDP needs to pay back $3 million dollars that was stolen to set up satellite offices in ridings there was no NDP MP.  They have refused to pay it back.   The media party won't hound Thomas Mulcair on the campaign trail about it like they do PM Harper about Duffy.

Instead of questioning Justin Trudeau about a candidate who has since resigned over an offensive coat hanger abortion comment on twitter, they come to her defense blaming conservatives.  They're ignoring also Senator Mac Harb who defrauded us to the tune of over $200,000.  Shouldn't the media hounds be dogging Trudeau on that?  Oh but his trial has been postpone until the new year, guess that doesn't count.

The media in this country has become so partisan, vile, and corrupt.  No wonder trust in the media has been going down.