Thursday, September 10, 2015

Be Careful of What You Wish For

We are in the midst of a federal election campaign and the leaders and parties on the left like Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau promising voters the moon.  They don't say much about how these promises are going to be paid for.  They spew lies trying to make you believe that we are living in a country that has gone downhill since the Conservatives took office in 2006.  They want to make you believe we are all suffering as a result. The media party just goes along with that assumption.  IT IS JUST NOT TRUE!

Catherine Swift dissects some of the lies the left has been spewing.
For instance, Unifor, the amalgamation of the old Canadian Auto Workers and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers, has consistently run ads opposing the current Conservative federal government. Their ads have been based on claims that Canada is experiencing terrible economic times as a result of the policies of that government. For example, according to these ads unemployment is at horrendous levels and on the rise.
Yet a glance at the actual data shows that the unemployment rate has been steady at 6.8 per cent for several months – an enviably low rate that most countries around the world would kill for. Another bogus Unifor claim is that the federal government has cut health care transfers to the provinces by $36 billion. In fact, the feds have merely reduced the rate of growth of health care transfers from an unsustainable 6 per cent per year to a more realistic 3 per cent per year, still well in excess of inflation. Facts show that the federal government will transfer $34 billion to the provinces this year for health care, which represents 23 per cent of provincial health budgets, up from 15 per cent in the late 1990s. Over the past decade federal health transfers have increased 70 per cent – hardly a pittance. These fabrications are only two of the many whoppers in the Unifor ads.
In addition to reiterating the false claims of Unifor concerning health care spending and other issues, the union-backed group Engage Canada, which interestingly is an alliance of Liberal and New Democratic Party interests, has made other inaccurate claims in its advertising. For instance, they say tax measures introduced by the federal government will merely benefit the rich. To choose one of these tax measures, the enhanced contribution limits for Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs), the facts show quite the contrary. Currently about half of Canadians have TFSAs, and 60 per cent of those who have maxed out their TFSAs earn less than $60,000 annually – hardly the rich. Also, TFSAs are a great tool for older Canadians for whom RRSPs are no longer useful.
Another falsehood promoted by the left is that Canada has a pension crisis with a majority of Canadians not saving enough for their retirement. As noted by knowledgeable professionals such as tax expert Jack Mintz of the University of Calgary and Morneau and Shepell actuary Fred Vettese, no such crisis exists. Facts indicate that most Canadians are well prepared for retirement and do not need another forced savings plan such as higher CPP premiums or the very flawed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan promoted by the Ontario government. The motivation behind the unions’ and other left groups’ advocacy for more forced savings is that it will mean more taxpayer funds in government hands to spend on even higher pay and benefits for government workers and more funds for pet government programs.

Why all the lies?
 So why all of the fabrication and dishonesty from our brethren on the left? One reason is that the left always thrives on misery and, despite facts to the contrary, must constantly tell people they are doing badly, should be doing better, are ill-treated, etc. 
We live in a global community and there are things outside of government's control that have an impact on us. Like the price of oil for instance, OPEC does that.  Geopolitical events like Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East.

If you consider other places in the world, we have it well off. Why spoil that?
 Don't be fooled. Don't fall for the lies! Don't rely on the Mulcair and Trudeau or the media to give you the truth.  Please do your homework.  The truth is out there if you take a little time to find it.   Visit sites like other conservative blogs and The Rebel Media.  There you can find common sense.

Be careful of what you wish for, elections do have consequences.  For instance in Alberta here voters wanted change and we got the NDP.  Now we are starting to suffer with a lot of job losses and higher taxes.
On a Side Note
 I've just got finished helping my brother lay his wife to rest after a long battle with cancer. During times like these it makes you reflect on what is really important in life.  Good health and close family and friends are what's the most important.
I don't know how much I will be posting in the coming weeks.  I will be looking out for my brother for a while and I am having some surgery done a week from Monday.  I don't know how I'll be feeling for a while afterward so just bear with me.