Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SunTV and the Future of The Media in Canada

Karl Peladeau  has an excellent article about SunTV News and the future of the media in Canada but the most striking in his article was this.
If we want to keep our democracy strong, we need to have the largest amount of available resources together to orchestrate and deliver more relevant information to the public.
To do so, we need to have the largest amount of distribution channels to reach both incumbent audiences and the new audiences that have adopted the new technological tools.
We are well positioned to move in this direction.
If we miss this challenge, Canadian democracy will become weaker, with fewer voices and less diversity, and more influence from the status quo fanatics only there to defend their own interests.
That would be a very sad day for Canada
Amen! I agree!  We need information from all  perspectives and to use all tools  that are available to get that information out to make sure our democracy stays strong. Above all we need information that is relevant to our everyday lives. The current media has been deteriorating for years now in their reporting.
They seem to give only one side of a story(Liberal) and not allow the other side to get their message out (Conservative). Roy Green has said many times that reporters today are not reporters but repeaters. I think he's right. They seem to repeat Liberal talking points all the time.

The main stream media loses credibility and ratings everyday with the faux scandals, horse races, or drive by smears and spin they engage in against anything conservative everyday.  They fail to talk about the issues that the public really cares about hence that's why only a few pay attention to them anymore. That turns the public off.

We need a media with credibility that doesn't spoon feed us,or tells us how we must think and informs us about what's really going on.  As Karl states it's there's something wrong when more Canadians watch Larry King than Power and Politics.
For instance, isn’t it shocking that a third of Canadians who watch all-news television watch CNN? I don’t want to get into criticism of the two existing all-news networks, but when Larry King draws more Canadian viewers than Power and Politics, there is something wrong.
What we see here is an opportunity for Canadians to have another choice.
He's right again there. There is a vacuum for real news in this country and SunTV can fill that vacuum. So bring on SunTV News who I hope will bring us fair and balanced coverage, allow all sides and engage Canadians pertaining to the issues that matter most to us, the average citizen.  Give us the all the facts and the truth and allow us to think for ourselves.  If they do that,they will be a breath of fresh air and will be good for Canada.  Go SunTV!