Friday, June 25, 2010

Speaker Miliken to Step Down?

Rumors are floating around that Speaker of the House, Peter Miliken is going to step down..
Local Liberals are tight-lipped about whether Peter Milliken's traditional summer barbecue for his supporters is going to be his last. 
Milliken has called a news conference to follow the annual members-only barbecue at his house near Elginburg.

Milliken has not only never held a news conference after the annual garden party, but no Kingston reporter can recall him holding a news conference, ever.
Even when he chooses to run for re-election, he makes his announcement with a written statement.

Local federal Liberals have been selling party memberships for weeks and there is only one reason they would be doing that -- to elect a successor if Milliken has chosen to step aside.

He could announce that he will not stand in the next federal election, but that may not be until 2012
 Does the CPC have chance at winning that riding?  Possibly, I don't know.   Will he announce he's stepping down or he is going to say?  What is this mysterious newser going to be about? Stay tuned folks, it will  be interesting to see!

Wildrose Alliance Convention

This weekend is a major milestone for the Wildrose Alliance Party, a true conservative party in which policy will be set. It will be the first Annual General Meeting since Danielle Smith took over as leader late last fall. The party has been steadily growing in numbers, funds and popularity. So much so that it has become a real threat to Ed Stelmach's PCs.
  This weekend in Red Deer, policy will be debated and voted on as they get ready to gear up for a general election that is expected to be held in approx. 2yrs.
Members will also get a say in how Danielle Smith is doing as leader.  I know as a member but not able to attend the AGM, think she's doing a great job as leader and will make a fantastic Premier. I believe change is in the air and Albertans are going to throw the PCs out after 40yrs in power.
As the Wildrose Alliance's members decide what policies will guide it toward the next provincial election, Smith will have to navigate a balance between far-right and moderate voices and show the party is about more than oil royalty issues.
I  hope the policies that are decided on will lead us into the next election with a win in the end.  Good luck guys!  I'll be there in spirit.

Sidenote: Former PC MLA for Fort McMurray, Guy Boutilier has joined the Wildrose Alliance caucus.
Welcome aboard, Guy!