Friday, December 16, 2011

Free At Last! Western Farmers Are Free at Last!


 Western farmers are finally free of the CWB after almost 70 years.  Bill C-18, the bill to give marketing freedom received royal assent last night.

The GG obviously did not heed Bob Rae's letter not to give royal assent to the bill.
 Shortly after the vote, Gov. Gen. David Johnston gave the bill royal assent. Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae and CWB chairman Allen Oberg had both written to Johnston asking him not to give the bill royal assent while the courts are considering the legality of the bill.
The CWB has even dropped it's court challenge for an injunction.
@paulvieira Paul Vieira
Former Cdn Wheat Board Directors Decide To Drop Court Challenge On New Law: CWB Spokesperson!/paulvieira/status/147705158292340737

This is a Very Merry Christmas for western farmers!  They can now sell their wheat and barley to whomever they choose without the government just like their Ontario and Quebec counterparts.

God Bless Minister Gerry Ritz!  God Bless PM Harper!  God Bless Canada!

Free at last, free at last!   Praise God western farmers are free at last!!!