Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Charles Adler on "Michael Clouseau Ignatieff"

Charles Adler had a another great monologue yesterday on Michael "Cluoseau" Ignatieff playing games with race and culture concerning the by election that's going in Winnipeg North where the Waffle has accused the CPC of playing games running a Filipino candidate splitting the vote to hurt the Liberals.

You can listen and/or read it on Charles's website.

 Charles sums it up with a bang as usual.
 If Michael Ignatieff, the has-been BBC interviewer, the has-been Harvard professor, and by next spring he could just be another has-been leader of a party that has gone from being the Natural National Governing party to a Party of Has-Beens. That's what happens to political outfits that play games instead of The Game. They get washed away like fishing boats in a Filipino Monsoon.