Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Who Will Be the Next Governor General?

 The current Governor General Michealle Jean's term is ending in a few months and the speculation is PM Harper is on the hunt to appoint a new GG.  Michealle Jean has done an admirable job during her tenure and  I for one will be sorry to see her leave.  She would make a great ambassador to Haiti. Hopefully PM Harper will appoint her to post like that.  

The next GG will have a hard act to follow.
The buzz around now is who will replace Michealle Jean?  There have been a few names bandied about such as

  1. Rick Hansen
  2. Inuit leader Mary Simon
  3. Preston Manning
  4. Wayne Gretzky
  5. retired General John de Chastelain

I like Rick Hansen, Preston Manning, and Wayne Gretzky. I think they have all represented Canada very well well in their particular capacities and would do a great job at Rideau Hall.. I don't really know the other two names, Mary Simon or General John de Chastelain so it's hard for me to comment on them.

But my first choice I think  would be retired Major General Lewis Mackenzie. He's had a distinquished career in the military, has been a great spokesman for the forces and Canada, and is a man of strong principals and of high integrity, a man of common sense.  General Mackenzie, knows the forces inside out and is well respected by all in the armed forces  and would make a great commander in chief.  He's also well liked and respected by general public as well.  So I hope the PMO is considering him too.

So that's my choice, what say you?