Friday, January 28, 2011

What A Week in Alberta Politics

Wow, who said politics in Alberta was boring?  Well it used to be until lately. It's actually starting to get quite exciting.  With the start up of the Wildrose Alliance Party with an intelligent, articulate leader in Danielle Smith already competitive with the Progressive Conservatives. 

This last week alone has been almost like a soap opera.  Monday, you had Calgary Currie MLA Dave Taylor who had left the Liberals to sit as an Independent join the new left wing Alberta Party.  Taylor had left the Liberals over leadership.  He had run for the position but lost to David Swann who he had problems with.

Tuesday Premier Ed Stelmach surprised everyone announcing he was  resigning.It spurred a flurry of rumors that the PC caucus was divided that was later downplayed and denied. 
Yesterday Finance Minister Ted Morton announced he was resigning from cabinet to be a backbencher so he that he could persue  the leadership.

What a week!  Don Braid from the Calgary Herald reported that there was turmoil in the PC caucus over the budget.
Even though the party is denying any rift within the caucus, I don't believe it.  I think there is more than the eye can see.  The timing seems for all this is bizarre to me. We will for sure have a lame duck Premier,with a lame duck government, in a lame duck legislative session this spring. Until there is a new leader, an election to clear the air, no one will really be minding the store. 

One thing you can say is Alberta politics is not boring anymore.  It's not over yet, stay tuned!